6 Ways To Get Better At Blogging


Would you like to get better at blogging?

The majority of the bloggers that I know would say, “Yes!”

And, if you were truly serious about blogging, you would say, “Yes,” too.

As a matter of fact, all bloggers should be eager to get better at blogging.

Yes, even the well-respected, brilliant-minded bloggers need to get better at blogging.

Now, I am not hitting on those guys; I am rooting for them.

To put it plainly, there is always room for improvement.

I am capable of improving.

You are capable of improving.

We are all capable of improving.

So, without further ado, let us find out how everyone can go about getting better at blogging.

1.) You Will Need To Sharpen Your Blogging Skills

Dear friend, the only way that you are going to improve as a blogger is, to sharpen your blogging skills.

And, how can bloggers go about sharpening their blogging skills?

Bloggers can sharpen their blogging skills by doing the following things:

  • By writing daily.
  • By reading daily.
  • By learning how to proofread their work effectively.
  • By using an editorial calendar.
  • By putting into practice everything that they learned about blogging.

Doing all of those things will assist in the area of sharpening your blogging skills (And, that would help you to become a much better blogger).

2.) You Will Need To Have The Spirit Of A Fighter

Yes, my friend. You need to have the spirit of a fighter.


Because, well-trained fighters never give up.

Besides, if you give up, how in God’s/Goddess’ name do you expect to become a better blogger?

Sorry. Giving up is not an option!

You will need to tap into what motivates you (It could be something as simple as having a very strong desire to have a successful blog).

I will admit, that you will encounter days when you are not motivated to create content for your blog. However, you will need to fight your way into a much better frame of mind — one that is conducive to creativity.

Also, never forget the reason why you wanted to blog in the first place.

3.) You Will Need To Fire Your Muse

How many times have your muse deserted you?

Your muse probably deserted you more times than you can actually remember.

If you were an employer and one of your employees had the bad habit of sneaking out of work when you needed them the most, you would fire them.

So, say to your muse, “You are fired!”

Dear friend, if you were to rely on your muse for getting your quota of blogging done, your blog will end up being severely neglected.

Go right ahead and create an outline for your blog post and begin typing it out one word at a time (I have utilised this method on numerous occasions and I am proud to admit that it worked every time).

Believe it or not, I never rely on the services of my muse to compose a blog post.

4.) You Will Need To Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

The God’s/Goddess truth is, that one of the best ways to grow is, to get outside of your comfort zone.

In regards to blogging, you can get outside of your comfort zone by doing the following things:

  • By making an effort to learn something entirely new about blogging.
  • By involving yourself in guest blogging.
  • By learning to compose a blog post in half of the time that you would normally take to compose one.
  • By learning to compose your blog posts on a different electronic device; for example, if you are accustomed to composing your blog posts on a laptop computer, conduct an experiment to see how well you will compose a blog post on a tablet computer.

Dear friend, those are a handful of methods that any blogger can utilise to get their self outside of their own comfort zone.

Getting outside of your comfort zone might be scary for you at first, but I assure you that it is necessary for your growth as a blogger.

Do you ever do things that are outside of your comfort zone?

5.) You Will Need To Stop Procrastinating 

Procrastination is one of a blogger’s worst enemies; it can convince a blogger to put off posting a blog post for months.

Now, if you have made it a habit of yours to utilise an editorial calendar, you would know that it is effective in combating procrastination.

An editorial calendar will let you know the blog posts that are going to be published at a certain date and time.

Procrastination can do serious damage to a person’s blog; for example, whenever a person constantly puts off updating their plugins (in the case of self-hosted blogs) they run the risk of making their blog vulnerable to hackers and malware.

And, if a blogger is always putting off learning new things about blogging, they will simply stay where they are — at a beginner’s stage of blogging.

So, stop putting the things that are beneficial to the growth of your blogging skills and the growth of your blog off.

Simply do what needs to be done.

6.) You Will Need To Find Yourself A Bloggong Mentor

Finding a blogging mentor will certainly help you to get better at blogging and here are some reasons why:

  • A blogging mentor will teach you what you need to know about blogging.
  • A blogging mentor will help you to improve your online authority.
  • A blogging mentor will identify your strengths and your weaknesses in regards to blogging.
  • A blogging mentor can speed up the time-frame of your learning curve.

By the way, I would like to recommend, Ryan Biddulph to bloggers who are interested in looking for a blogging mentor.

Final Thoughts

Those people who are into blogging, should make it a priority of theirs to get better at blogging.

As a matter of fact, all bloggers should be very eager to make improvements in the area of blogging.

If you thought that this article was in anyway helpful to you and you believe that it can be helpful to others, I kindly ask that your share it via your social media of choice.

Thank you for reading!

And, love and light, to you!


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