I Finally Deactivated My Facebook Account

Facebook (Photo credit: Pixabay)

On Saturday the 21st of July, 2018, I made the decision to deactivate my Facebook account (They said that it would be permanently deleted if I do not log in to my Facebook account within the period of 14 days).

People around the world are getting fed up of Facebook and they are deleting their Facebook accounts too!

At the moment, Facebook’s main goal is to make money and they are mostly concerned with those major corporations that pay their money to advertise their businesses on their social media platform.

Facebook has lost its zeal for the average user.

People are more interested in the following social media networks:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram (Which ironically is owned by Facebook)
  • SnapChat

In most instances, it is the younger folks who call all of the shots in regards to the popularity of social media networks. If they stood up on the pulpit and said loudly, “Facebook is outdated — Facebook is old-school; Facebook had its time,” people will listen.

And, come to think of it, the majority of the people on Facebook are approximately around their mid-thirties and older.

Facebook, I had enough of you!

Facebook Is Not What It Used To Be

In the past, Facebook was a lot of fun. I remembered playing FarmVille competitively with my colleagues at work; we boasted about who had the highest score.

But, there comes a time when one will get tired of playing those childish online games.

I used to enjoy checking out the Facebook profile pages of my friends (But, they lost interest in their accounts too and it looks as though they have not been on it for months).

I also remembered the days when bloggers used Facebook to freely promote their blog posts (All of that changed when Facebook changed their algorithm — blogs were no longer included in Facebook’s organic search. If you want your blog promoted, you will either have to join a Facebook group or pay a sum of money in order to promote your blog posts via something called a Boost).

Mark Zuckerberg is apparently under a deep hypnotic spell — a state of mind that was induced by the constant sight of all of those dollar signs.

To put it frankly, Mark Zuckerberg does not care about you and I (Unless he can get money from us).

Facebook, it is sad to see what you have become.

Facebook Started Treating Me Like A Bloody Spammer

Recently, I made the decision to join a few Facebook groups with the intentions of promoting my WordPress blog (In the past, I had deleted all of the Facebook groups that I was in, because I was highly annoyed with Facebook at the time).

For the record, I am still highly annoyed with Facebook!

Guess what I discovered?

I noticed that all of the blog post links that I added to all of the Facebook groups I had joined, disappeared into thin air.

From a logical perspective, every single Facebook group administrator would not delete my links; if some of them did so, it would be fine with me. But, I suspected that Facebook’s algorithm had a role to play in all of this; it probably categorised the links to my blog posts as spam.

Hey, I lost my cool when I figured out what the hell Facebook was doing!

“Okay, Facebook. Do you really intend on treating me that way?” I said to myself in an almost quiet whisper.

Facebook used my information and sold it to data brokers and then they started treating me as though I no longer mattered to them; I felt like a discarded piece of trash.

So, I decided that I would make a permanent departure from Facebook (I felt most eager to delete my Facebook account and I took the necessary steps with the intentions of making that possible; it was time for me to say, “Goodbye,” to Facebook).

And, Facebook you better had delete my Facebook account in 14 days’ time.

Everyone Should Delete Their Facebook Accounts

If a brilliant-minded person like Elon Musk can delete his Facebook pages for SpaceX and Tesla, then anyone who has been contemplating the deletion of their Facebook account should go ahead and put a final end to it by going through the deletion process.

Here are some very good reasons for deleting your Facebook account:

  • Facebook encourages you to waste your time.
  • Facebook tracks your online interactions.
  • Facebook conducts psychological experiments on their users.
  • Facebook is an intelligence gathering software.
  • Facebook is filled with fake news.
  • Facebook does not have your best interest at heart.
  • Facebook cannot be trusted.

I have no regrets of ridding myself of my Facebook account.

Anyone who truly believes that Facebook is not working out for them, should delete their Facebook accounts.

Even Celebrities Are Deleting There Facebook Accounts

Yes, it is true my friend, there are celebrities who deleted their Facebook accounts; here is a small list of them:

Hey, I really do not blame those folks for wiping their hands clean of Facebook.

People are become aware of Facebook’s underhand tactics.

Final Thoughts

Lucky are the ones who are not on any type of social media network, because they do not have to worry about their information being sold to third parties or have the cause to worry about their social media accounts being hacked.

The figurative taste of Facebook has grown sour in my mouth.

I could not handle any more of Facebook’s rubbish and crappy treatment; which is the reason why I had to sever my ties with them.

Would you stick with a social media network that has disappointed you on numerous occasions?

The answer is an obvious, “Hell no!”

Therefore, in the case of Facebook, I was not going to stick around to be disappointed by them again.

The funny thing is, that although a lot of people are exiting from Facebook, a lot of people from around the world are creating Facebook accounts.

Hopefully, people would open their eyes and see what Facebook really is — a complete farce!

Many people who have deleted their Facebook accounts have claimed to be much happier, because of the following reasons:

  • They do not have to pretend that their lives are picture-perfect.
  • They no longer have to deal with fake friends.
  • They are comfortable knowing that Facebook is no longer tracking their whereabouts.
  • They are happy that they can have actual face-to-face interactions with people.
  • They are no longer manipulated by Facebook’s News Feeds.

Now, that is a huge burden lifted from off of their shoulders.

There will come a time when Facebook will become a thing of the past — Facebook will cease to exist one day (Facebook is dying slowly, but surely).

So, if you no longer see any signs of me on Facebook it is, because I got rid of my Facebook account.

Oh, life would be way better without Facebook.

And, getting rid of Facebook is akin to simplifying my life.

No more Facebook for me (And, that is final)!


34 thoughts on “I Finally Deactivated My Facebook Account

  1. I don’t find Facebook very useful or interesting. I also have a Facebook business page and it’s useless. I’ve just come back from a week of deleting Twitter. I’m tempted to leave more permanently but for now I’ve just deleted most of the people I was following. There’s too much trolling, nastiness and negativity. I use Instagram but only to post, I rarely look at my timeline which is very select. I only use Pinterest for work and I wouldn’t go near Snapchat with a barge pole. WordPress is where I spend most of my time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Yes, Facebook is hot mess at the moment and you are right about Facebook being useless.

      Wow, I was also thinking about deleting Twitter.

      Instead, I chose to use it less.

      Twitter tends to treat their users like rubbish; like in the case of shadow banning them (They love to do that with politicians and those people with strong political views).

      Like you, I would not even dream of going near SnapChat.

      I do not have an Instagram account and I have no intentions of setting up any.

      I think that Pinterest is fabulous.

      Trolling is a real thing. Some people were highly disrespectful to me on Reddit, so I deleted my Reddit account.

      Also WordPress is a great place to spend most of your time.

      Thank you for your valuable input!


  2. Facebook was afad that was better than myspace, the other platforms that you mentioned, will come to a close soon as well. The problem that I saw with facebook, was that we were freely giving away our treasured memories. People are tired of scams and pyramid schemes. If there was a platform that was truly free and clear of advertisers, then I could see that working. But that will never be a reality, nothing is absolutely free. Hopefully people will remember this and exercise more caution when it comes to social media in the future.

    The algorithm that they put in place, is basically self destructing. Not allowing people to post what they want and like you said deleting people’s stuff.

    I wrote about the Facebook fiasco in congress. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


    Liked by 2 people

  3. I deleted my account because of the way that site destroyed my prefrontal cortex. This constant flow of conflicting information ended up with me in the same overloaded mental state when I woke up as when I went to sleep.
    Furthermore, I read the other day that FB had been offering free data for people in very poor countries, as long as they were only inside FB. Then one day, they just cut the program, leaving these people addicted and unable to pay.
    How’s THAT for being an asshole?
    The withdrawal period for me when I deleted it first was “surprisingly” two weeks.
    Then there is the sheer polarization happening. I complained about being force fed left wing news, and some leftie replied with the same being done to him with fake news from the right.
    I’m not a right winger btw. just found it interesting how their algorithm seems to be programmed to make us psychologically vulnerable to dark manipulation.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Yeah. I wonder if their reputation is of interest to them, FB kind of act like a narcissist, only tiny fixes here and there if things have gone seriously bad and it feels like they only bow to changes if it could otherwise cost them money, not so much what is good for the population.

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      2. Wouldn’t that make reputation even more worth nowadays? If a proper competitor of sound values came along, do you think FB users would jump ship?

        Liked by 1 person

  4. WOW! I’m beginning to feel the same way about Facebook for several reasons, one being the trash I received Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, from a friend request I accepted. She asked me where I lived how old I am if I was married if I shaved my armpits what’s my bra size. And it got worse. She said she wanted to kiss my lips in bed and other stuff I’m too embarrassed to repeat. Then she flashed me. Immediately I reported and blocked her, plus I wrote a post about it on My Facebook Friends group. But I don’t feel that anything will ever be done about it and was surprised to find out that others had encountered this sort of trash as well. I’m just about fed up with Facebook and share less and less on it. But I still have good friends and family members that I enjoy interacting with. I do not read Facebook’s fake news and I don’t like most of the stupid memes people post and have stopped accepting friend requests from people I don’t know or want to know. Several family members have deleted their Facebook accounts several years ago and suggest that I do the same. One day, I probably will. Thank you so much for helping me realize that Facebook is as crooked as they come. The owner is nothing but a young, money-crazy punk and caters only to the young as you mentioned. I enjoy your posts on WordPress.com and your helpful information. Thank you for your honesty! ~Sandi

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  5. I think I understand how you feel. For very similar reasons, I deactivated my Facebook account early January this year and resumed in the middle of March. As much as I want to do it, I can’t leave Facebook for good. I’m active on just three social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and Facebook treats me most fairly. It’s on Facebook I have friends.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. So, how did we have friends before Facebook? Oh! We met them for lunch or coffee. People say they are on FB for family, or business, but that is an excuse. When I deactivated my account after 6 long years, I asked a handful of friends for their phone number. I call them to hear their voice, or meet them and hang out for a while. My sister and I take turns calling one another each week, and we talk for an hour. Which takes more time? Facebook or the actual interaction with a loved one? FB cannot give me meaningful interaction. I will continue to schedule time with friends and family. xx

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