6 Things To Do When Your Internet Speed Slows Down


We all know that technology is not reliable one hundred percent of the time; it works well in some instances and at other times, it either functions poorly or not at all.

On Friday the 20th of July, 2018, my internet access was compromised; some of the websites that I tried to access either loaded slowly and there were those websites that refused to load (To be quite honest, that did not go down well with me).

This was not the first Friday that the internet was problematic; it misbehaved on a vast number of Fridays in the past.

The problem is usually resolved within a few hours or within half a day’s time.

“Why did my internet have to go at a snail’s pace at the same time that I wanted to do a bit of blogging?” I asked myself.

And, one of the biggest ironies is, that this sort of thing tends to happen a lot when the internet bill is paid.

I might have accepted the throttling of my internet service if the bill was overdue. But, my account was up-to-date; therefore my internet should have been moving at the speed of lightning.

I gave a loud sigh and turned off my computer; I would turn it back on when I believed that the problem was resolved.

I instinctively knew that my Internet Service Provider was having some major technical issues on their end and as a result of it, all of their customers were severely affected.

When one is experiencing internet-related issues, they have to find innovative methods to spend their time (And, I am going to highlight a few suggestions).

Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Representative (Photo credit: Pixabay)

1.) Call Your Internet Service Provider

A person should call their Internet Service Provider as soon as they notice that there is something wrong with their internet feed.


Because, their Internet Service Provider will have a better idea as to what is going on with your internet feed. Those well-trained customer service representatives will inform you of the right course of action to take (Provided that the system is not down due to an engineering failure).

I wasted no time in calling Flow (my Internet Service Provider); I spoke to the customer service representative and he told me that the problem was affecting customers nationwide and that he was unable to give a specific time-frame as to when the speed of my internet would be back to normal.

Even though that was not the answer that I wanted to hear, I felt a little better knowing what was actually taking place.

Also, it would have been foolish of me to get mad at the customer service representative, because he did not create the technical problem. He did tell me, “We are working on getting the internet back up.”

Apparently, there was nothing that he could do on his end and it was up to Flow’s highly paid engineering staff to get the internet back up and running efficiently.

Well, at least I called my Internet Service Provider.

If you wish, you can choose not to let your customer service representative off of the proverbial hook so easily (like I did) the next time you are reporting an issue pertaining to your internet over the phone.

The good news is, that things were back to normal at approximately 10:48 PM, Trinidad and Tobago time on Friday the 20th of July, 2018.

The bad news being: I spent almost an entire day without any reliable internet feed.


Conversation (Photo credit: Pixabay)

2.) Talk To A Friend

There are those moments when we need to vent our frustration (And, that can be done by talking to a friend).

In my case, I called my friend, DJ Nigel ‘Sicky’ Kinsale to find out if the internet feed was horrible in his area (Nigel and I are both Flow customers).

“What’s up my boy,” Nigel said after seeing who the caller was via the caller ID on his smartphone. “Is everything cool?”

I immediately said, “No, it is not. I am frustrated!”

“What?” Nigel said; he was obviously surprised, because I usually respond by saying, “Yes, things are okay!”

“I just found out from Flow that the problem with the internet is happening nationwide,” I said.

“I am having some problems with the internet on my side as well,” Nigel said. “Whenever I try to download a song, it is telling me that the download time is five minutes and I know that it normally takes around five seconds,” Nigel added and then said, “Hold on, I am dealing with Shawn here.”

I gladly held the line, because I wanted to have a short conversation with my friend, Shawn Ribeiro.

When Nigel came back on the line, I asked him to put me on to Shawn.

“Hey, Renard. How are things?” Shawn said.

“Not all that good,” I replied. “Did you give Flow a good cussing today?”

Shawn giggled; he knew exactly what I was getting at. “I called and they told me that the problem is happening throughout the country. I started having problems around eleven o’ clock this morning. I am unable to get on to Facebook and I cannot stream any movies on my Android TV Box.”

“I cannot get to blog and my internet has been moving slowly since this morning. I waited until seven o’ clock in the night for it to come back; when I noticed that the problem was the same, I called the customer service representative and was told that the problem is a nationwide one. I hope that the internet feed comes back tonight!”

“I hope so too. I am giving them three days and if the problem still persists, I am going to ask for a rebate.” Shawn said.

Shawn and I also talked briefly about Lyndon’s EDM sessions that are held every Sunday and he told me to talk to Nigel with the intentions of agreeing on checking out Lyndon’s party at any one of the Sundays and to get back to him.

Shawn gave the phone back to Nigel, but I did not bring up the topic of Lyndon’s party due to being frustrated by my internet issue.

“Have a great night, Nigel and I hope that the internet would be up and running sometime tonight.” I said.

“Okay, you take good care, my boy. We will link up,” Nigel said before ending the call.

So, instead of talking to one friend, I spoke to two.

Would you talk to a friend the next time that you are having a technical issue with your internet feed?



3.) Read A Book

I would admit, that reading a book is a great way to pass the time.

Besides, people read books before the internet was invented.

In my case, I do not have any new books; I have old ones and they are all good.

Unfortunately, I was unable to concentrate on reading, because my mind was heavily focused on getting back to my own blog as soon as possible (Shame on me).

On a positive note, I managed to read one page from a book before closing it.

I genuinely believe that reading books are way more entertaining than television, because I am granted with an opportunity to visualise the story that the writer portrayed via their words.

And, reading books expands a person’s level of literacy.

So, if you are not too pissed by the drastic slowdown of the speed of your internet, you can read a book.


Music Notes
Music Notes (Photo credit: Pixabay)

4.) Listen To Songs In Your Music Collection

Music has the potential of putting a person in a good mood.

Also, most people have music in the form of MP3 and WAV files on their computer.

So, the next time that you are experiencing internet troubles, listen to some of the music in your music collection.

I listened to some classic hits during my turmoil and it made things somewhat bearable for me.

Do you think that listening to music when you are stressed out is a good idea?

Do not forget to answer the question in the comments thread of my blog.


A Man Exercising
A Man Exercising (Photo credit: Pixabay)

5.) Get Some Exercise

Yes, my friend, physical exercise is good at relieving stress.

So, the next time that your internet chooses to go on strike, you can do the following:

  • Go for a very long walk.
  • Go for a brisk run.
  • Do some push-ups.
  • Lift some weights.

Those are a small sample of of exercises that you can do when you are feeling stressed out.

In my case, I did lots of walking (I paced the floor until I became exhausted).


A Girl Sleeping
A Girl Sleeping (Photo credit: Pixabay)

6.) Get Some Sleep

Yes, my friend, sleep helps in the area of reducing our levels of stress.

Sleep also helps in the following areas:

  • It improves our short-term memory.
  • It improves our reaction time.
  • It helps us to become more vigilant.
  • It enhances our daily performance.

Sleep is vital for our well-being.

Do have a look at this wonderful article; it is called, Relaxation, Stress & Sleep (This is great for anyone who is experiencing internet issues and would like to reduce their level of stress).

I can gladly admit to you, that the internet issue did not prevent me from taking a short nap.

So, are you going to get some sleep the next time that you are stressed out?

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it — my six things to do when your internet speed is slow (I think that they are helpful).

Honestly, slow internet speeds can hamper a blogger.

Due to my little setback, I was unable to visit a lot of the blogs from my fellow bloggers; I was unable to read their blog posts and comment on their blogs.

I plan to schedule a higher percentage of blog posts; which would be automatically published on a daily basis (Probably a week’s worth in advance, because it would ensure that my viewers have something to read; that is my way of taking preventative measures in case the internet slows down again or there is no internet feed).

So, are you going to try out any of those suggestions the day that you are having problems with the speed of your internet?

I would love to read all about it via the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you for reading!


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