5 Reasons Why I Need To Blog


I have been blogging longer than I could actually remember (It all started many years ago when I was on Blogger).

I remembered seeing a blog online and saying to myself, “I can do that!”

Okay, back then blogging was not as sophisticated as it is today. The average blog post many years ago, was basically an online diary β€” it was a blogger’s space to post what they did on a specific day (And, those blog posts back then, were very short in comparison to the word count of the blog posts that bloggers publish today).

Now, I am very happy that blogging has evolved; it is more than an online diary.

Bloggers can use their blogs to entertain and educate the masses.

So, one should not underestimate the power and the influence that blogging has.

Blogging has grown on me; it is hard to imagine myself not blogging.

I can also picture in my mind’s eye, a whole set of bloggers who also find it very hard to imagine themselves not blogging.

And, I am going to share with you my five reasons for needing to blog.

1.) It Is An Outlet For My Creativity

By nature, I am a very creative person and one of the best ways of showcasing my talent is via my blog.

On Renard’s World, I get to share with you:

  • My unique style of blogging advice.
  • My views on various social media.
  • My perspective on various electronics.
  • What I think about certain types of people.

You are also fully aware of the fact, that a lot of bloggers around the world use blogging to show off their unique creations; whether it be in the form of art, photography, articles, etcetera.

Two thumbs up to all of the highly creative bloggers in the blogosphere!

What sorts of things do you highlight on your blog?

2.) I Am Addicted To Blogging

Yes, my friend, it is true. I am addicted to blogging (And, I highly doubt that I am the only one who is addicted to blogging).

There are those times when I get ideas for my blog between sleep and wakefulness (My subconscious mind is always on the job providing me with great ideas for my blog).

I am also eager to find out what my fellow bloggers are up to; which entices me to check out their latest blog posts (If you are a hardcore blogger like myself, there is a very high probability of you wanting to do the same).

I am so addicted to blogging, that I explored almost all of the blogging rules known to man and I also figured out for myself the things that would work (and the things that would not work) in regards to blogging.

I also need to blog on a daily basis (I believe that I would lose my mind if I did not update my blog daily).

For the record, I am fully aware of the fact, that it is not mandatory for a blogger to update their blog daily (But, in my case, I am a full-blown blogging addict).

If you say something to me, that could spark up my creative juices to compose a blog post that is based on some of the things that you mentioned to me.

If I see something taking place that I think is very interesting, it could end up being in my blog too.

Are you also addicted to blogging?

3.) I Get To Challenge Myself

A well-respected blogger once said, “It is not easy to write one thousand words daily.”

Okay, there is a bit of truth in that.

Bloggers who are accustomed to only publishing blog posts with three hundred words might find it very hard to come up with a blog post containing one thousands words on a daily basis.

When I was on Blogger, I used to post articles that were around two thousands words and over. So, coming up with one thousand words daily is child’s play for me.

The only thing that really challenges me is proofreading (It is not easy to do after I have engaged myself in the process of producing long-form content).

In regards to proofreading, I would have to check out the article that I typed approximately one hour after (That gives my metal faculties some well-needed time to recuperate).

Some of the professional bloggers would proofread their articles a day or two days after it was written.

And, then there is the class of bloggers that outsource the proofreading process of their articles to other people or other companies.

I am proud to admit that I do my own proofreading.

I prefer long-form content, because it is a bit more challenging than short-form content.

Also, I am a very huge fan of long-form content.

In my article, This Is What I Think About Blogging, I mentioned that it is not imperative for a blogger to go in the direction of producing long-form content (Unless it is a business-related blog).

I am also fully aware of the fact, that some people are turned off by long-form content. They look at the size of the article and then they think to themselves, “Sorry. There is no way that I am going to read that!”

But, guess what?

There are people who enjoy reading long-form content.

And, believe it or not, there are people who are turned off by short-form content.

Okay, I will be straightforward with you by saying, “There is an audience for both long-form and short-form content.”

So, people who are interested in short-form content will obviously go for articles that are short and the people who are deeply interested in long-form content will gravitate towards articles that are longer than the average-sized article.

What I do here on Renard’s World is done out of fun and sheer discipline.

So, you cannot blame me for wanting to challenge myself.

Do you ever challenge yourself with your blog?

4.) I Want To See My Blog Grow

I genuinely believe, that every blogger would like to see their blog grow.

I am sure that some of you are very happy with the growth of your blog; in the beginning, you did not get many followers, likes and comments. But, things changed for the better as time went along β€” you have way more followers, you receive lots of likes and your blog posts attract a boatload of comments.

I would like to find out if my blog can survive the test of time (Oh, I will just have to wait and see and I would also have to continue blogging).

Since blogging is always evolving, I would have to keep myself abreast with the latest blogging trends.

I would also need to be aware of the latest trends in SEO too.

If a person wants to see their blog grow, they will also need to keep learning (And, there are always new things to be learned about blogging).

To provide you with a greater understanding, I would use this analogy: a doctor continues to expand his or her knowledge of medicine after they have graduated from medical school (The process of always keeping abreast of the latest developments in their field of medicine continues until the day that they retire from the field of medicine).

So, do you understand, that you would have to keep abreast of the latest blogging-related knowledge until the day that you choose to retire from blogging?

And, how do you expect your blog to grow if you do not put what you have learned about blogging into practice?

So, do you really want to see your blog grow?

5.) I Enjoy Passing On To Others What I Have Learned

Those of you who have been following Renard’s World, would know that I love sharing what I have learned about blogging with others.

In my article, Renard’s World Sees Its First Month, I emphasised on helping newbie bloggers with their blogging issues.

I adhere to the belief, that knowledge should be passed on.

I see no reason for me to be stingy with my knowledge.

Dear friend, I want others to continue blogging (I want them to fall in love with the entire blogging process and the best way of making that happen is to pass on the knowledge of what I learned about blogging to them).

How many bloggers truly enjoy passing on the knowledge of the things that they have learned to their fellow bloggers?

The blogosphere would be a much better place if all bloggers shared their knowledge with their fellow bloggers.

And, as a result, there would be way less abandoned blogs.

It is a sad fact, that a high percentage of people entered into the world of blogging without ever knowing the basics of blogging (Dear friend, if you are in a position to help out those bloggers, by all means help them out).

Final Thoughts

All bloggers will always have their reasons for blogging (And, I proudly shared my reasons why with you).

So, out of curiosity, what are some of the reasons that compel you to blog?

Please feel free to let me know what they are in the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you so kindly for visiting Renard’s World.


25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Need To Blog

  1. I remember abandoning my blog two weeks after starting it because it wasn’t getting any views. At that time I knew zero about blogging, so I wasn’t tagging my posts or interacting with other bloggers. Thankfully, I figured it out and returned to my blog. I guess I can also say that I am somewhat addicted to blogging now. πŸ˜„

    Liked by 3 people

    1. πŸ˜€ It is nice to know that you are addicted to blogging.

      When I first started blogging (which was many years ago on Blogger) I also made the mistake of not adding tags to my blog posts; so I can relate rather well to your past issue.

      Thank you for reading and for commenting!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Nnniiiccceeeeeeeeeee to know, Renard.

    What got me blogging, was the indifference by those around me, to the injustice that I saw youth go through, growing up. I made up my mind to change all that, one way and day, at a time.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I am not a blogger but these are great reasons in making and to be a blogger. As of today blogging is one of the way to expressing yourself to others.

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  4. 5 good reasons for blogging. I started my blog because every time a friend and I would go to some kind of sporting event in some city unfamiliar , her first question was always, “but what’s there to do there?”. I figured that she wasn’t the only person who wanted to know this. Plus the title. As you can tell by many of my posts , I am a HUGE sports fan and there are 30 Plus Teams in all four of the major sports and our dream is to see a game in a lot of cities unfamiliar to us.In other words, my blog is a travel guide for everyone .

    Liked by 1 person

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