6 Things To Do On Slow Blogging Days


Many people have complained about the decrease in their blog’s views during the Summer period.

But, in reality, a decrease in one’s incoming traffic to their blog could happen at any period of the year.

Some people have accepted that sort of thing as the norm, while others have stressed themselves out.

Dear friend, there is no need to stress yourself out, because whenever the proverbial tide goes out, it comes back in.

So, never stress yourself out because of a decrease in the incoming traffic to your blog (The decrease in your blog’s incoming traffic is only for a period; it will not last forever).

In the meantime, you can engage in your usual blogging activities (It would help to keep your mind off of what is currently transpiring with your blog’s incoming traffic).

1.) Respond To The Unattended Comments On Your Blog

Some bloggers have stated that they never have enough time in the day (or in the night) to respond to comments. Well, since things have slowed down a bit due to the so-called vacation season, they might as well respond to all of the unattended comments on their blog.

Some of those people whom they responded to will see the notification โ€” the kind that lets them know that their comment was reciprocated (And, some of those people might pay their blog a visit).

In my case, I made it a habit of mine to respond to every comment that was made on my blog.

If a person could make the time to leave me a comment in the comments section of my blog, I should make the time to respond to their comment.

Do you know that there are other bloggers who wished that someone would leave them a thoughtful comment after they have read their blog post?

And ironically, there are bloggers who receive a reasonable amount of comments and they ignore every single one of them on their blog (I view that sort of thing as, inconsiderate behaviour).

Dear friend, the slow period should grant you enough time to respond to all of those comments that you have been too lazy to get to.

2.) Stop Looking At Your Stats Every Minute

It is natural to be concerned about your stats; especially when it has dropped for the season. However, it would be wise to ignore it until the end of the day, because looking at your stats every single minute of the day is going to make you feel rotten (You do not want to remind yourself about the drop in your blog’s incoming traffic).

Newbie bloggers tend to check the stats area of their blog regularly with the hopes of seeing an increase in views and some of the veteran bloggers are just as bad as the newbie bloggers in respect to checking their stats throughout the day.

If things are slow, ignore the stats area for a while.

Are you addicted to looking at your blog’s stats every single minute?

3.) Continue To Read Blog Posts From Your Fellow Bloggers

Even though things are a bit slow with your blog, life in the blogosphere goes on โ€” people are updating their blogs as usual.

You were in the habit of checking out the blog posts of your fellow bloggers when you were getting a reasonable amount of incoming traffic to your blog. So, why should you stop checking out the blogs of your fellow bloggers? Since things have slowed down a bit with your blog, you might as well continue to check out the blogs of your fellow bloggers.

I will continue to check out the blogs of others, whether or not, the incoming traffic to my blog is fast or slow.

What about you? Are you willing to do the same as I?

4.) Continue To Create More Content

As a content creator, you should always find the time to create additional content for your blog (And, since things are slow, you should have more time on your hands to do that).

Here are some advantages to always having content backed up:

  • You do not have to rush yourself to compose a blog post when you are tired or uninspired.
  • You can schedule those blog posts of yours to be published on your blog for certain days at particular times (Which is ideal for those days that you are too busy to press the ‘Publish’ button).
  • Your mind will be at ease, because you have additional content backed up for those figurative rainy days.

Having additional content will always be one of a blogger’s greatest assets.

Now, what about all of those drafts of yours that are collecting proverbial dust in your dashboard area? You might as well polish them up, because they are going to come in very handy in the near future.

If all the bloggers worked ingeniously at finishing the draft copies of their blog posts, they will always have content to publish.

Dear friend, think of those draft copies of yours as potential gold mines.

5.) Update Your Blog At Least Twice A Day

Updating your blog at least twice a day should help to bring in additional traffic.

As a matter of fact, I have known bloggers who updated their blogs three times daily.

When the incoming traffic to one’s blog has decreased, one of the best methods of increasing the number of views is, to publish more than one blog post for the day.

For the record, it is not mandatory for you to update your blog at least twice a day; but it is an option to consider (Especially when one’s incoming traffic has dwindled due to the holiday period).

Would you consider updating your blog more than once for the day when things are a bit slow?

6.) Post About Topics That Are Relevant To The Season

In most instances, seasonal topics will rejuvenate the life back into a dying blog; for example during the Summertime, you can post the following:

  • Stylish and inexpensive bathing suits for the Summer.
  • Ways to remain hydrated for the Summer.
  • The best places where people can spend their Summer vacation.

Those are some of the things that you can post about during the Summer period (A similar method can be utilised for all of the remaining seasons of the year).

In my case, I will have to post about things that are in relation to the Rainy Season or the Dry Season, because I am from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (We only have two seasons and not four like other parts of the world).

Final Thoughts

So, my friend, there is hope for your blog during the so-called slow period.

Also, there are ways in which bloggers can recover from the proverbial flatline; they can attract incoming traffic to their blogs by doing the things that I suggested in this blog post.

So, as you have learned, your blog does not have to suffer miserably whenever there is a change of season (And, you can keep yourself busy with the affairs of your blog during those changes of the seasons).

Please feel free to share this information with your friends via your favourite social media accounts and I would like to personally thank you for visiting Renard’s World.

8 thoughts on “6 Things To Do On Slow Blogging Days

  1. I used to check my stats every free time I would get during the day but now I think I have graduated from that and I no longer look at it that much. I do read fellow bloggers’ posts when traffic is slow and I also check out bloggers who I didn’t know before.

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  2. Well said – I sometimes find myself wanting to rush out content when I get 0 views on my blog and I’m about to go to bed, but ultimately I don’t want to publish poor content just for views. The nature of my blog is also that most of what I want to publish (book review) relies on me having time to read a book and then sit down to write and polish a decent sized article. This isn’t always easy due to other commitments and a full time job, but I think as my blog matures I am less agitated by low/no views.

    I always try to keep up to date with the blogs I follow, but I probably pay more attention to their style of content when I have low viewing figures. If I like someone else’s idea, I will most likely borrow and adapt it to an extent (all the better when their post is popular!).

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