Doing Your Own Thing With Your Blog

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I strongly believe that bloggers should do whatever they desire with their blogs.

One might be tempted to emulate the style of their favourite blogger, but giving into that temptation would be the biggest mistake ever made by them.

In order to stand out from the crowd you would need to be yourself; therefore your blog should be a reflection of you — your tastes, your beliefs and everything that you stand for.

So, are you really doing your own thing with your blog?

It Is All About Originality

As a matter of fact, all blogs should be original.

Google loves originality.

Bing loves originality.

People love originality.

So, why should you go out of your way to make your blog a carbon copy of someone else’s blog?

I have noticed that there are a lot of female bloggers starting their blog posts with,“Hello lovelies.”

For the record, I have nothing against any female blogger starting their blog posts that way. What I have an issue with is, that there are a high percentage of female bloggers using the same wording.

“Hello lovelies,” should have stayed with the original blogger who uttered that phrase, because that is their catchphrase.

Ralph Smart, a British vlogger, a vegan and a psychologist, starts all of his YouTube videos with, “Peace, Infinite Waters diving deep once again.”

That, my friend, is Ralph Smart’s catchphrase; whenever people hear it, they know that they are about to hear one of his amazing social commentaries (Or someone doing a parody that is based on him).

Do you have an original catchphrase or an original trademark of your own?

If your answer is, “Yes,” there is a chance that you could implement it into your blog (But, only if you want to).

By the way, brands do make it their priority to be different (Even though they are selling a similar product).

Coca Cola goes about marketing their beverage differently from Pepsi (And, vice versa).

And, I have said on more than one occasion, “You are your brand!”

So, be an original instead of being a cheap copycat.

Stop Worrying So Much About What Other People Think

Dear friend, it makes no sense at all worrying about what other people think about your blog (or your blog posts), because it is impossible to please everyone.

A lot of bloggers tend to worry about:

  • Are my blog posts good enough?
  • Are my blog posts too short?
  • Are my blog posts too long?
  • Are people going to like my blog posts?
  • Am I going to get more views if I post a trending topic?

Now, there is nothing wrong with getting a bit of feedback from those people who view your blog posts.

However, in the end, you have the final say in regards to the types of blog posts that are published on your blog.

So, you might as well do your own thing.

Be Fully Devoted To Your Blog

Bloggers who enjoy doing their own thing are usually devoted to their blogs.

Are you truly devoted to your blog?

Now, you better be, because sometimes, it takes longer for a blog to gain traction when a blogger has decided to do their own thing.

It might be a bit discouraging to see that your blog received a much smaller amount of views than you had anticipated. But, you need to keep on blogging.

Eventually, those new people who are attracted to your unique style of blogging will make it a habit to check out your blog on a regular basis.

Those people who are truly devoted to their blogs are the ones who never give up; they keep on at it and reap the fruits of their labour — they stick around to see their blogs become successful.

Experiment With Your Blog’s Appearance

Another aspect of doing your own thing is to experiment with the appearance with your blog.

You can experiment with the appearance of your blog by doing the following things:

  • Customising the theme that you already have.
  • Changing to an entirely new theme.
  • Using new widgets.
  • Removing old widgets.
  • Adding a sidebar to your blog.
  • Removing your blog’s sidebar.
  • Creating a new header for your blog.

Now, I would like to point out that having too many widgets on your blog will slowdown the loading speed of your blog (And, that is a bad thing).

And, always remember to use themes that are mobile friendly, because people do use their smartphones and their tablet computers to peruse blog posts.

Blatantly Ignore Those Blogging Rules That You Disagree With

In my blog post, This Is What I Think About Blogging, I highlighted the fact, that blogging tips are really guidelines.

And, dear friend, it is okay to ignore the ones that you are not in full agreement with.

Doing your own thing requires that you always do what you believe is best for your blog.

Some blogging experts might tell you that posting long-form content is the best way to go (If you do not believe that, you are free to ignore it).

Other blogging exerts might tell you that you are better off posting short-form content (If you do not believe that, you are also free to ignore it).

Doing your own thing also requires that you to be a bit rebellious (And, some of you would not mind at all being a rebellious blogger).

So, I will reiterate, “Blogging tips are merely guidelines!”

Final Thoughts

Are you currently doing your own thing with your blog?

Or are you following someone else’s vision of blogging?

Dear friend, it is never too late to do your own thing with your blog.

In life, there are leaders and there are followers, which one are you?

And, is it a major crime to do your own thing with your blog?

Be brave and bold to follow your own vision for your blog.

In my case, I have chosen to do my own thing with Renard’s World.

If anyone hates my attitude and my approach towards blogging, that is fine with me.

And, if someone loves my attitude and my approach towards blogging, that is fine with me too.

The most important factor in all of this, is that I was more than willing to do my own thing where blogging is concerned.

Dear friend, you and I are not clones (That alone should be enough to convince you, that you were meant to do your own thing).

11 thoughts on “Doing Your Own Thing With Your Blog

  1. I really enjoyed this because you pretty much encapsulated my feelings about blogging! Keep it fun, be me not anyone else and don’t try to do stuff I’m not comfortable with and that I won’t keep up 😊

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  2. Hi Renard,
    It is great to be oneself, and in the blogging circle, it helps you build your brand and establish your unique voice. I like that you mentioned “be devoted to your blog.” how can you do that? Simply by viewing your blog as your business. Have a plan for content creation and distribution, that’s where a content calendar comes in. This will help you get more done on your blog.

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  3. this is very useful and making lot of sense my friend, been in a 6 years of blogging, and learnt so much and I now feel “don’t care what they feel”

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