Can You Blog Under Pressure?

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Grace typed away on the touchscreen keyboard of her tablet computer while her three-year-old son, Andy, played with his toy-car right next to her on the floor.

Grace was one of those busy moms who made the time to update her blog; she made it a priority of hers to update it weekly.

Andy had eaten a while ago. His stomach was filled with food and he was quite satisfied with being at his mother’s side.

Charles (Grace’s husband), was stuck in traffic — he would eventually find himself home in time to have dinner with his family. He had informed his wife about his late arrival via his mobile phone to avoid her from becoming deeply worried about his whereabouts.

Grace made the best of the time that she had available to her — that time was spent composing a draft for her upcoming blog post.

Doing Whatever You Can Whenever You Can

How many bloggers that you know are capable of using their time wisely like Grace?

Apparently, not many; since they complain about not having enough time to get their blogging done.

In this modern world in which we live in, we have no choice but to make the time for those things that are important to us. Therefore, if you really want to compose a draft for your blog post, you will have to sacrifice the time to do it.

The God’s/Goddess’ truth, is that the conditions are never going to be perfect — something is always popping up and you need to learn how to work around those circumstances.

If you manage to get at least five minutes for yourself, you can use it to compose two paragraphs or more for your blog post (You will be putting together your blog post in parts).

Learn How To Regain Your Composure

One of the best ways to regain your composure, is to engage yourself in breathing exercises.

The Buddhist monks have known this secret for centuries.

The way that you breathe can have either a negative or a positive effect on your frame of mind.

So, I would like to recommend that you check out, Proper Breathing to Reduce Anxiety by Sheryl Ankrom; it will help you to regain your composure.

The daily activities in one’s life has the potential of stressing them out; but they can always regain their composure by doing deep breathing exercises (And, that can become one of the blogger’s best assets).

Get Yourself ‘In The Zone’

Getting yourself ‘In The Zone’ can be described as putting yourself in a hypnotic state of mind.

Where I am concerned, I get myself ‘In The Zone’ by listening to electronic dance music while I compose drafts for my blog posts (I have done it numerous times and I have had lots of success with this method).

You can listen to your favourite genre of music; it will help to put you in ‘In The Zone’ and you will find yourself composing the draft for your blog post with ease.

Getting yourself ‘In The Zone’ alleviates any sort of stress that you would normally face when you are blogging within a deadline.

Getting yourself ‘In The Zone’ works; do give it a try!

Improvising When Your Computer Breaks Down

One of the most stressful things that a blogger can face, is wondering how they are going to get their quota of blogging done when their computer is down.

A blogger can use their smartphone or their tablet computer to get their blogging done when their computer is down.

But, what should you do if you do not have any of those electronic devices?

Well, you can do the following things:

  • Use a computer at an internet cafe to get your blogging done.
  • Use a computer at a friend’s or a relative’s house to get your blogging done.
  • Use the computer at work to get your blogging done (Preferably during your lunch-break period).
  • Borrow a computer from a friend, a relative or a family member to make sure that you get your quota of blogging done.

In the meantime, you can do it via the old-school method — writing words down with a pen or pencil on the pages of a notepad. When you get access to a computer, you can type out what you have written in your notepad in the editor section of your blog.

There is really no need for you to stop creating content for your blog (The content creation process goes on while your computer is being repaired or while you are in the midst of getting a new one).

Believe In Your Ability To Get It Done

If you managed to get your blogging done in the past (especially when the conditions were very stressful), there is the chance of you doing it again.

One numerous occasions, I managed to compose blog posts before the deadlines were up (And, that helped me to believe that I was more than capable of getting the job done).

Hey, if I can do it, you can do it too!

Dear friend, the most important thing is, believing in your ability to get it done!

Give Yourself An Incentive To Get It All Done

I have a very strong feeling, that if your favourite movie star or singer said to you, “If you can finish that blog post of yours, I would go on a dinner date with you,” you would finish that blog post of yours in record-breaking time.

Now, even though the chances of going on a dinner date with your favourite movie star or singer is very slim, you can still give yourself an incentive to get your blogging done — the incentive can take the form of:

  • Buying yourself a delicious piece of dessert.
  • Buying yourself a lovely piece of clothing.
  • Buying yourself a ticket for a sports game or a movie.

Those are some examples of giving yourself an incentive to get your blogging done.

Incentives do work in the area of getting yourself motivated.

Final Thoughts

Blogging under pressure might appear to be one of the hardest (or the scariest things) that you have ever done. But, you can come out triumphant in the end.

Instead of allowing it to conquer you, you can conquer it!

The God’s/Goddess truth is, that you are stronger than you could ever imagine yourself to be.

By the way, how do you go about blogging when you are faced with stressful conditions?

Please feel free to tell me all about it in the comments thread of my blog.

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Thank you for checking out another wonderful blog post on Renard’s World.

15 thoughts on “Can You Blog Under Pressure?

  1. I remember having to keep my blog updated while I was preparing for my final medical exams, I just had to create a balance and made sure I kept to my schedule of uploading three times a week. Anything is possible once we set our minds to accomplish it. Thank you Renard

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  2. I make sure I have plenty of draft posts that I can fall back on, and a regular schedule I can stick to. This means that if I am under pressure, or feeling unwell, I know my blog is working for me in the background.

    Have a great day!

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