Are You Ruining Your Blogging Reputation?

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Jessica was watching The Young and the Restless on television when the phone rang. She stretched lazily in the direction of her landline and picked up the receiver and said, “Hello.”

“Good morning, Ms. Williamson,” said the voice on the other end of the phone connection. “This is Darryl Martin, your landlord.”

“Good morning, Mr. Martin,” Jessica replied. She knew the reason why the landlord had called and was waiting for him to bring up the topic.

“I have noticed that you are late with this month’s payment of the rent,” Darryl said. He paused to take a deep breath and continued with his statement, “I am giving you two weeks from today to pay it and if you are unable to pay the rent money at the given time-period, you will have to move out!”

“Please bear with me for a little longer,” Jessica pleaded. “My boss paid me late and I am in the midst of paying my bills. You will get your rent money before the two weeks is over.”

“That is fine with me,” Darryl said and ended the call from his end.

Jessica was angry, because she felt that she had to work like a slave in order to get a measly salary and she was furious about being paid late and now her landlord was threatening to evict her if she did not pay the rent money within two weeks’ time.

Jessica turned on her computer and logged in to her WordPress account. She published a blog post that was filled with anger and hatred; it contained some unkind things about her boss.

A sponsor who was thinking about collaborating with her, decided that they no longer wanted to work with her after reading her latest blog post.

Jessica lost out on a business opportunity, because she allowed her anger to get the best of her.

Luckily for Jessica, her boss and her colleagues never saw her blog post (They were unaware that she had a blog; but if they knew about it, Jessica would have gotten herself into a whole lot of trouble).

Do Not Post Things That You Would Regret Later On

Unfortunately, a lot of us have combustible personalities; we tend to do foolish things when we are angry — things that we end up regretting later on.

So, those of us with bad tempers should learn to keep them under control.

The last thing that an angry person should do is spew their hate on social media.

Now, I am in no way stating that you should not post about the things that bother you; I am insinuating that you should calm down before composing a blog post.


Because, you are less likely to use cuss words when you are calm.

Also, you would be able to put across your point like a professional journalist if you decided to go ahead with publishing your issue on your blog.

Most professional journalists are good at posting about serious matters without spewing hatred (It has a lot to do with the manner in which the message is put across).

For the record, it is possible to rant without being offensive.

Implement The ‘Timeout’ Method

Yes, my friend, the ‘Timeout’ method works, because it allows you to regain your composure.

You can regain your composure by doing the following things:

  • By doing deep breathing exercises.
  • By engaging yourself in some form of physical exercise.
  • By engaging yourself in meditation.
  • By finding something to laugh at.

The next time you are angry with something or someone, give the ‘Timeout’ method a try.

You Are A Living Example

Whether you want to believe it or not, you are a living example.

The younger generation tend to look up at us; they enjoy emulating some of the things that we do and say.

The last thing that you want is, some youngster emulating your bad online behaviour.

Even though you could not give a damn about your blogging reputation, I want you to know that you have an influence over impressionable minds.

So, do take into consideration the types of blog posts that you are publishing online.

Are they blog posts of a negative nature?

Or, are they blog posts of a positive nature?

Be fully responsible for everything that you post online.

You Are Your Brand

Yes, my friend, you are actually a representative of your unique brand and that brand is, you.

Are you surprised about that?

If your blog specialises in positive things and then all of a sudden you posted something negative, you will shock the living daylights out of your readers (They will want to know if you have lost your mind, or if a naughty hacker gained control over your blog).

Negativity no doubt, will destroy your personal brand.

So, always think twice (or five times if you have to) before pressing the ‘Publish’ button.

Why should you ruin your personal brand?

Do you remember what happened to Jessica?

She allowed her foul mood to dominate her mind, body and spirit and posted some nasty things about her employer (That resulted in a potential sponsor being turned off by her latest blog post).

Now, I am fully aware of the fact, that there are a lot of bloggers who do not care about getting a sponsor for their blogs (As a matter of fact, I am not at all that eager about the idea of collaborating with a sponsor).

However, things of that nature do matter to those people who run a beauty or fashion blog of their own (They rely on sponsors for the additional income).

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, the things that we post online could have a positive or a negative effect.

Are you contributing to the exemplary online behaviour?

Or, are you contributing more negativity to the billions of negative blog posts that are already online?

Please make a mental note, that a negative blog post can ruin your blogging reputation.

I would also like to point out the fact, that it is possible to rebuild your good blogging reputation; but some people will always remember some of the negative things that you have posted online.

And, even though you have deleted the negative blog post, it is still possible to get hold of it via a cached copy.

So, try your very best not to post anything that you would have deep regrets about later.

Thank you for reading and may you continue to blog in a very responsible manner.


12 thoughts on “Are You Ruining Your Blogging Reputation?

    1. 🙂 Hmm. I always wondered, “How well does blog anonymity works?”

      There is a three percent chance that someone could put the pieces together and figure out your identity.

      Also, it is nice to know you never use names or mention the names of the companies that you have worked for.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve always wondered how long that would go on for before someone ‘finding’ out. I understand the why’s to doing that though. Besides the two family pictures I have on the front of the blog, I try not to show the faces of my family again. I posted a picture of baby on one post but her will continue to mature as she grows so I don’t mind that.

        Liked by 1 person

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