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Are You Afraid To Share What Is On Your Mind?

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Daniel sat in a lonely park bench. He was enjoying the view of the pigeons and he was also enjoying the cool evening breeze.

An elderly man walked in front of the bench that Daniel was comfortably seated on and said, “What is this world coming to?

Daniel looked at the elderly man and smiled politely and said, “Good evening, sir.”

The elderly man pointed frantically to one of the headlines in the newspaper that he was holding and said, “Police should kill all of those bandits. They do not deserve to be tried in court.”

Daniel instinctively knew, that the elderly man was fed up with the rise in the crime rate.

What the elderly man was unaware of was that Daniel was once a bandit. He had robbed a few stores when he was a teenager.

When Daniel entered into his early twenties, he made the decision to change his life around. He got himself a job and he started going to church.

Daniel listened to the elderly man’s words attentively. He wanted to tell the elderly man that he was wrong, but he chose to remain quiet.

The elderly man grinned and said, “Why can’t they be law-abiding citizens like you? Have a nice evening, son,” and walked off.

A part of Daniel knew, that he should have told the elderly man that he was a former bandit and that he had changed his life around. He also wondered if the old man would have changed his mind about the police killing all bandits with fatal gunshot wounds. But, it was too late for that, because the elderly man already went his merry way.

You Have The Right To Express Yourself

Dear friend, you have every right to express yourself.


Because, how would people know what is on your mind if you do not express yourself?

You do not have to be impolite when you are expressing yourself. You can discuss things in a very diplomatic manner.

Your opinion like everyone else’s, deserves to be heard.

Do you ever express yourself whenever you are faced with a conflicting point of view?

Or, are you the type of person who keeps their mouth shut whenever they are faced with a conflicting point of view?

Get Over The Fear Of Ridicule

A lot of people hate being ridiculed by others.

People usually ridicule others when they have a disagreement on the following things:

  • Sex
  • Sports
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Philosophy

There are other topics that people can get themselves ridiculed on; but it would be futile to mention them all.

So, what if someone ridicules you for having a different point of view?

Does it really matter?

No, it does not (Unless, you are one of those people who like to be right all of the time).

Never forget, that Noah was ridiculed by others when he was building the Ark (People only took his words seriously when the flood came).

Simply say your part and let the other person say and believe whatever they desire.

We Can Learn A Lot By Engaging In Dialogues

I always encourage peaceful dialogues, because it helps us to gain a greater understanding of each other’s point of view.

A person might say, “WordPress is rubbish!”

And, you might ask that person, “Please tell me the reason why you think that WordPress is rubbish?”

The person will proceed to tell you the reason why they think that WordPress is rubbish.

You will obviously listen to what he has to say.

After the person has shared their perspective, you can politely point out the flaws in their statement.

And, if the person learned that the real problem was a mere technical glitch, they would thank you for bringing it to their attention (You have changed their opinion β€” they no longer believe that WordPress is rubbish).

I have learned new things by engaging myself in dialogues with various people (And, there is a very high probability, that you also learned a lot by engaging yourself in dialogues with other people).

Engaging in a dialogue, requires that you share with others the things that have on your mind.

People Will Get To Know You Better

One of the nice things about sharing whatever it is that you have on your mind is, that people will get to know you better.

People should know were you stand β€” they should know some of the things that you are for and against (By doing so, you give them an insight into your personality).

You have made it clear to them (via sharing your opinion), what type of person you are.

If they know that you are totally against alcohol consumption, they are not going to invite you to hang out with them this coming Friday at a bar.

So, allowing people to know you better, can actually be a very good thing.

Your Self-Confidence Will Improve

Having a willingness to share what is on your mind with others will result in a boost of self-confidence.

You will no longer be afraid to share with others whatever it is that you have on your mind.

Please note, that people will listen to you; but they will not always agree on everything that you say (Which is to be expected).

And, once your self-confidence has skyrocketed due to sharing whatever it is that you have on your mind, you might want to consider the following occupations:

  • Being a politician.
  • Being a public speaker.
  • Being a radio or a television host.
  • Being a very provocative self-hosted blogger.

So, having self-confidence is an asset.

Are you fearless enough to share the things that are on your mind with others?

Final Thoughts

Luckily for me, I am not afraid to share the things that are on my mind with others (For the record, my method is one that involves a lot of diplomacy).

If you want people to listen to you, it is required of you, to put things across in a manner that is most receptive to others.

So, are you going to share with others the things that are on your mind from now on?

Or, are you going to keep those rather interesting thoughts of yours to yourself?

Please tell me all about it via the comments section of my blog and thank you for reading!


16 thoughts on “Are You Afraid To Share What Is On Your Mind?

  1. I like to express my thoughts even when they are in complete disagreement with others, and sometimes I am passionate about my opinions, but that doesn’t mean that I am not going to respect what others think. Unfortunately, some people think that just because I am enthusiastic about my point of view, that I am not going to understand their perspective. 😦

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  2. I think an important aspect of expressing oneself is to be ready for criticism, both positive and negative. I think that by nature people avoid conflict at almost any cost, most times. Its part of survival, but that in itself is how we got here. Approved speech versus disapproved speech, its only communication. Just realize that you may be attacked personally, but remember, before you got here, have you ever attacked anyone personally? Don’t ever expect someone to listen to you, simply because you listened to them.

    Just exercise expectation management and know that you are doing what is best for you, but the other might not see it that way. None of this is negative, I just believe that too often we expect what we give, and when we don’t get in return what we extended, we don’t understand why.

    Continue to speak and express yourself openly and allow other to do the same. We must hear them out if we ever expect them to hear us out as well.

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  3. I love this! There is nothing greater than respectful debate with differing opinions but- it’s rare!! Most people don’t truly listen to what the other has to say. They are too busy thinking of their rebuttal and crushing comments so they just hear buzz words. If you can REALLY have a conversation with someone of an opposing opinion that’s to be cherished because listening, truly listening is rarer than chicken teeth

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  4. The thing with having an opinion about things these days, is that you can never really change anyone’s opinion. The world is just becoming very polarized. Obviously, it’s good to share your opinion, and obviously others would read and maybe respond, but their minds would very rarely be changed. I try to keep an open mind, but I find myself becoming very defensive when my opinion is challenged, even if the challenge is very logical.

    Liked by 1 person

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