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Do You Still Have The Same Beliefs About Blogging?

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As a blogger you will need to have a very strong belief in your ability to blog (And, if that belief is lost, it is going to affect your blogging for the worst).

Did your belief change for the worst since you started blogging?

Or, did your belief only changed for the better when you started blogging?

Dear friend, the very act of blogging in itself can make us question whether or not we can keep up with the pace in which we have chosen to publish our content.

And, our beliefs do waver in the area of blogging; which is the reason why we need to pay close attention to them.

Do You Still Believe That Blogging Is Hard?

The first time you started blogging, you probably stared at the blank screen for a very long period before you typed your first word and you probably took almost an eternity to finish your first article (Those are some of the woes that newbie bloggers go through).

Today, you are a much better at blogging; your skills have grown as a blogger.

You no longer take forever to compose a blog post and you can come up with an article within a reasonable time-frame.

If you have made some progress in blogging, you would think to yourself, “This is not so hard after all!”

However, there are those bloggers who still believe that blogging is hard. Even though they have made some progress in the area of blogging, they still struggle to get their quota of blogging done (And, they will continue to struggle with their blog until they have mastered the art of blogging).

Do You Still Believe That Blogging Is Easy?

At some point in time, certain bloggers thought that blogging was easy; all of that changed when certain things popped up in their lives; this is usually the case for the following people:

  • Those who are suffering from depression.
  • Those who recently started a new job.
  • Those who live a very hectic and fast-paced lifestyle.

Thankfully, there are those people who can blog no matter what life throws at them.

Also, there are those bloggers who still believe that blogging is easy. They are the ones who have done the following things:

  • Bought and read an e-book on the topic of blogging.
  • Attended a workshop on blogging.
  • Read a lot of blogging advice from the blogging experts and placed what they have learned into practice.

There will always be a certain class of bloggers who will always find blogging to be easy; if you were to ask them, “Is blogging easy?” They will tell you, “Yes, blogging is easy!”

Now, you might find yourself very angry or a bit jealous of those people who have made blogging very easy for themselves.

Instead of getting angry or jealous of those people, you could change your mindset and ask them, “How do you go about making blogging so easy?”

And, one of those bloggers might be kind enough to share their secrets with you.

Are You Still Comfortable With Your Chosen Blogging Schedule?

One of the wisest things that a blogger could do is, to find a blogging schedule that is most appropriate for them.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out, that updating blogs daily can be difficult for some bloggers.

In my article,ย 6 Ways To Prevent Blogger Burnout, I mentioned creating a comfortable schedule.

The trick is to know your blogging sweet spot; you are supposed to know if you are capable of:

  • Composing a blog post with ease daily.
  • Composing a blog post a few times a week with ease.
  • Composing a blog post with ease weekly.
  • Composing a blog post with ease fortnightly.
  • Composing a blog post with ease monthly.

Which blogging schedule are you comfortable with?

And, are you currently comfortable with the blogging schedule that you have chosen for yourself?

Do You Still Believe That WordPress Is Still The Best Place To Blog?

A large percentage of bloggers believe that WordPress is still the best place to blog. However, they have their disagreements on which version of WordPress is the best platform to blog on.

The truly independent bloggers love (the self-hosted version of WordPress) because they have full control over their blog.

And, then there are those satisfied bloggers who went with (the WordPress-hosted version), because they do not have to worry about security issues or website maintenance (That sort of thing is handled by the Happiness Engineers).

Then there are bloggers who deserted both versions of WordPress; they went elsewhere to blog.

Is WordPress still meeting your blogging needs?

And, do you still adhere to the belief that WordPress is the most ideal place for you to blog?

Do You Still Believe That You Can Keep On Blogging?

Thankfully, there are those bloggers who believe that they can keep on blogging.

Also, there are a batch of bloggers who are considering giving up on blogging.

Unfortunately, some bloggers have become disillusioned about blogging and they plan on jumping out of blogging real soon.

If you are thinking about leaving your blog, I would like to recommend that you read my article,ย 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Blogย (It will inspire you to keep blogging).

I know that some of you are frustrated with blogging. But, I would like to encourage you to keep on blogging.

By the way, do you feel that you can keep on blogging?

Final Thoughts

Bloggers do possess beliefs about blogging; it is just that some of their beliefs might be counterproductive โ€” the type of belief that sends their blogging spiralling downwards.

And, then there are those bloggers who will continue believing in their ability to blog effectively.

Dear friend, are your beliefs about blogging the same?

Or, do you possess an entirely new belief about blogging.

Please feel free to share your unique perspective via the comments thread of my blog.

I also invite you to subsribe to Renard’s World in order to see more amazing content like this.

Thank you for reading and may you keep on blogging!


15 thoughts on “Do You Still Have The Same Beliefs About Blogging?

  1. I dont really think of myself as a blogger, but someone who just likes to write. Like I stated prior, I only write when I feel it, that being said my posting schedule varies greatly, which may turn some subscribers/followers off. In any case, I am pleased with my frequency and openness. The only aspect of blogging per say is that I do at times feel exposed, since I write from the heart. But that is why I started to write in the first place, to simply and plainly speak from the heart.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I took a year long hiatus from blogging, came back and thought it would be so easy to restart! WRONG. Blogging takes time and effort; why would anyone else read something you obviously donโ€™t care about? Reposting my old blog posts really helps me keep up with my blogging schedule.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I took months to publish my first post, more because I was reading others and absorbing. I write about what interests me so that makes it much easier.

    Personally I prefer shorter posts with one or two pertinent questions so readers are not overwhelmed … we all find our pace but it should be enjoyable … if it’s a chore then maybe check your motivation?

    Liked by 2 people

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