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6 Things That Baffle Me


Have you every wanted to solve a mystery so badly that you stayed up all night trying to figure it out?

I have!

And, a lot of those mysteries cannot be answered by search engines (I did a thorough search and I came up empty).

Do I need to buy myself a copy of The Egyptian Book of The Dead in order for me to get the answers that I am looking for?

Do I have to join the Illuminati in order for me to get my questions answered?

Okay, maybe not; but I am willing to go that far.

I can just hear the ominous-sounding music playing in the background.

Anyway, here are some of the things that have left me baffled for quite sometime:

1.) People Purchasing A Domain To Post Rubbish

Whenever someone sees a top-level domain; such as a dot com (.com) or a dot net (.net), they tend to think, “Wow! This person is really serious about blogging. They went out of their way to buy their own domain.”

Now, I would admit, that I expect to see high-quality content along with a high level of professionalism from a blog with a top-level domain.

But, these days, a lot of blogs with top-level domains are letting me down big time. It is as though someone with a top-level domain said to their two-year-old son, “Come on, Jimmy. Your daddy bought his own domain. So you might as well type something,” and the two-year-old bangs away at a few random keys on the keypad.

Are those people insane?

Why purchase a top-level domain and put crappy content on it?

Anyway, the God’s/Goddess’ truth, is that people are entitled to post whatever it is that they want on their blog; so that means, they are within their rights to only publish the word, “Boo,” on their top-level domain.

2.) Where Are The Bloggers From Trinidad And Tobago?

In reality, there are a lot of bloggers from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; I have seen their blogs on Blogger and on WordPress.

I have also interacted with some of those bloggers from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

I am speculating, that a lot of those bloggers from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are either:

  • Shy
  • Busy
  • Uninterested
  • Bored

It is as though, a lot of them do not go out of their way to support their fellow bloggers from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The biggest irony is that I am from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and my blog gets the most support from the people in United States of America (Now, do not get me wrong, I truly appreciate the support from the bloggers over in the United States of America; it is just that I am lucky to have at least one person from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago who supports my blog).

When are the bloggers from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago going to unite with each other?

3.) No One Outside Of Microsoft Knows What Bing’s Search Algorithm Is Called

Interestingly enough, a lot of bloggers are familiar with the names of Google’s algorithms; they are as follows:

But, we know nothing about Bing’s algorithm.

Is it called, Jumping Jack?

I highly doubt that.

Is it called, Rattlesnake?

No, I do not think that an engineer from Microsoft will call it that.

Is it called, Skynet?


If Microsoft really named Bing’s search algorithm Skynet, we are doomed!

And, if I was the person in charge of Microsoft, I was not going to divulge the name of Bing’s search algorithm either (Especially, if it was named, Skynet).

4.) Why Do People Choose Blogger To Host Their Business Blogs?

For the record, I really believe that Blogger is quite alright for personal blogging. But, I also believe that Blogger falls short when it comes to business.


Because, one cannot add an e-commerce plugin to Blogger (The good news is, that can be done with WordPress blogs).

Also, Blogger is unable to compete with WordPress in the area of SEO.

When one is conducting a business-related blog, they need the best tools at their disposal (And, WordPress has all of the right widgets and plugins that a business-related blog could ever need).

Conducting a business-related blog on Blogger is an insane idea.

5.) People Who Set Up A Second Blog When They Can Barely Handle The First

Would you set up another blog if you can barely keep the first one afloat?

Chances are you would not fathom doing something that crazy.

All bloggers know, that a whole lot goes into running a successful blog; it requires a lot of their time and their energy (It is a major sacrifice on its own).

I have seen people try to run two blogs; they failed miserably at it (That was not much of a surprise, since they were unable to run the first one effectively).

For the record, there are those people who can handle the workings of two blogs successfully.

But, it is quite obvious, that not everyone is capable of doing the same.

The rule of thumb is: do not start a second blog if you can barely keep the first one together.

6.) Bloggers Who Disabled The Comments Feature On Their Blogs

I am sure that you came across some blogs with disabled comments.

Apparently, those bloggers wanted nothing to do with moderating comments.

I am of the opinion, that comments threads are ideal for discussing what one has just read.

Also, the blogger has an opportunity to interact with another blogger via their comments thread; they can learn about each other’s point of view.

What is the sense of having a really nice provocative blog post if other bloggers in the blogging community are unable to share their perspective on it via the comments thread?

Anyway, each blogger has the right to enable or disable their comments thread.

In my case, I would prefer to keep my comments thread enabled (And, it probably has a lot to do with wanting to interact fully with my fellow bloggers).

Do you like interacting with your fellow bloggers via the comments thread of your blog?

Or, are you one of those bloggers who would prefer to disable the comments feature of their blog?

Final Thoughts

I guess that there will always be things that will leave us baffled in the blogosphere.

Was there anything on my list that baffled you the most?

You are more than welcome to tell me all about it via the comments thread of my blog.

And, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for reading my blog post.

Love and light, dear one!


13 thoughts on “6 Things That Baffle Me

  1. How can you tell what country a blogger is from? I know they have that feature in the stats section where they show a layout of how many views per country during a specific day/week/month. But how can you tell where one specific blogger is from?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “They went out of their way to buy their own domain.”

    I “bought” my own domain, so to speak, by paying WordPress $49 a year (cheap) for the “Personal” plan. That did get rid of the “.wordpress” in my domain name, which is now just But I had a very practical reason for doing so. Not because my content is so great, but because it makes my blog ad-free. I hated seeing those damn ads at the end of my posts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Your content is great, Fandango.

      If I were to see rubbish there, you would not have seen me on your blog.

      There are a lot of people who publish junk on their top-level domains.

      And, yes makes their money by placing advertisements in sub-domains.

      Thank you for your valuable input!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, speaking for myself in the context of Trinidad and Tobago… I don’t really see myself as anchored in that content, and a lot of things people in Trinidad and Tobago seem to think are important aren’t important to me.

    The reverse is true.

    Lately, it’s been more apparent as I write more content related to Trinidad and Tobago, but the truth is that may not last that long. That’s simply not how I choose to see myself – in fact, part of this all is revealing myself to myself.

    And part of it is trying to put some constructive criticism out there, to scratch my own itch.

    I’m not from anywhere as much as I happen to be somewhere, and when I’m writing I’m rarely there. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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