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10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block


Writer’s block is a blogger’s worst enemy; it leaves the blogger feeling helpless, defeated and completely clueless about how to start an article.

Now, if I said to you that you can overcome writer’s block, would you believe me?

Some of you would say, “Yes,” while others would say, “No!”

But, in all seriousness, why allow writer’s block to win?

You are stronger than that my friend. You could beat writer’s block into a squishy mess if you really wanted to.

The God’s/Goddess truth is, that you are in charge of what goes on in your mind and writer’s block is an unwanted trespasser.

You have the power within you to rid yourself of writer’s block once and for all and I am going to tell you how you can go about doing that.

So, grab yourself one of your favourite beverages and read on.

1.) Write As Though You Are The Only One Who Is Going To Read What Was Written

Yes, my friend, writing as though you are the only one who is going to read your article works.


Because, it alleviates the anxiety.

Most bloggers worry about what their readers are going to think about their articles.

They end up asking themselves, “Are my readers going to like this? Or, should I write about something else that I think that my readers will like?”

So, they end up quitting what they started, because they were doubtful about their ability to please their readers.

In reality, the first person that you should please is yourself; you should be the one who should be pleased with what you have written.

I genuinely believe, that a lot of unfinished drafts stem from people thinking that their articles were not good enough for their readers.

I would also like to state, that it is impossible to please everyone (And, if you continue to try pleasing everyone, you will become disappointed and frustrated).

Your words would flow freely if you write as though you were the only one who was going to read what you wrote (Hey, you are going to publish your article for everyone to read as soon as you are finished with it).

Some of us had diaries in our childhood; we wrote whatever we wanted in them without a second thought, because we knew no one else but us were going to read those written words; you can do the same with your blog posts.

I will like to reiterate the fact, that the whole purpose of writing as though those words are only going to be read by you, removes the pressure of trying to please someone else.

2.) Write When Your Energy-Level Is High

Dear friend, it is easier for you to write when your energy-level is high, because you will have the energy to focus on your writing.

Have you ever tried to compose a blog post when you were tired?

Those of you who have tried to compose a blog post when they were tired, found out the hard way, that it feels like an extremely cumbersome task (And, no one is fond of extremely cumbersome tasks).

I suggest, writing a few paragraphs for your draft first thing in the morning. You would be able to think clearly and your words are going to flow with ease.

So, the next time that your energy-level is high, give it a try.

3.) Read Someone Else’s Blog Post And Leave Them A Thoughtful Comment

The very act of reading someone else’s blog post and leaving them a thoughtful comment is in itself, a warm-up exercise in writing (I have done that on numerous occasions; so I know firsthand that it works).

Ironically, we tend to write freely whenever we are placing a comment in someone’s comments thread.

So, before you do some writing, you can start off by reading a blog post from one of you fellow bloggers and after you have read their article, you can leave them a valuable comment of yours in their comments thread.

That is a nice way of actually getting your writing juices flowing.

4.) Get Yourself Addicted To Writing

When I was a child, I used to write on almost everything. If there was a napkin in my possession, I wrote on it and whenever I came across a blank sheet of paper, I wrote on it too!

I was always in the habit of writing something down.

There is the possibility of you getting addicted to writing by engaging yourself in lots of writing.

You can start off by writing in a journal. You can even pretend to be a famous writer (Now, all of that is done with the intentions of having a bit of fun while you write).

Think about this for a moment: do you like to do things that you enjoy?

Well, the answer is obviously, “Yes!”

So, theoretically speaking, you can become addicted to writing if it is a whole lot of fun for you to do.

Finding innovative ways to make writing fun, will eventually lead to writing becoming a full-blown addiction (And, that is what you would like to happen to you).

Hmm. I think that I am addicted to writing, because I would go crazy if I did not compose a blog post and publish it for you to read.

Besides, writing is a healthy addiction.

5.) Take A Short Break

From an honest perspective, very few people are capable of completing an article in one sitting.

So, I recommend that bloggers take breaks at intervals; for example, they can write for twenty-five minutes and take a break that comprises of fifteen minutes. When their break-period is over, they can go back to writing for another twenty-five minutes.

Some people do get tired when they write; therefore taking a short break at intervals will help them out greatly.

People who are prone to tiredness whenever they write, should not force themselves to write beyond a certain time-period, because their brain will go blank due to the mental exhaustion.

All bloggers can benefit in a huge way, by writing for a particular time-period and by taking sensible breaks in-between their writing sessions.

6.) Write About The Things That You Know Well

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone could ever do is, attempt to write about a topic that they know nothing much about (From a logical perspective, if a person knows very little about a particular topic, there would be very little that they could write about it).

However, if a person is well-versed in a topic, they can easily write an article on it.

If you do not know much about a topic it would be wise to leave it alone (For the record, it is okay to come back to it after you have researched it thoroughly).

7.) Listen To Music While You Write

In my case, I love to listen to electronic dance music whenever I am writing. I have noticed that I can write an entire article in one sitting by simply listening to my favourite genre of music.

This technique comes highly recommend by me.

Try writing an article whenever you are listening to your favourite genre of music in the background or on your headphones (You might have the pleasant experience of words coming easily to you).

8.) Create A Comfortable Writing Space

If your personal writing space is uncomfortable, it could prevent you from getting any sort of writing done.

You can create a comfortable writing space by doing the following things:

  • By cleaning the desk that you have your computer on; which is done by discarding excess paper or by placing pens neatly in a ceramic cup and by placing books and notepads in drawers.
  • By lighting incense sticks or scented candles.
  • By rearranging the position of your desk and chair; for example, you can change it from facing westerly by placing it in a northern direction.
  • By changing the temperature in your room; if you have an air conditioning unit, you can adjust it by placing it at a comfortable temperature. And, if you have a heater, its settings can also be placed at a comfortable temperature.
  • By leaving a window open while you write; since the fresh air combined with the gentle breeze can be refreshing.

Those are some of the things that a blogger can do to make their writing space comfortable.

Is your writing space comfortable?

9.) Throw Perfectionism Out Of The Door

It is natural for any blogger to desire composing the perfect blog post.

But, guess what?

Perfection is an illusion; it does not exist.

One should write without having a desire for their writing to be perfect.

Now, that does not mean that they are going to blatantly ignore grammatical errors or misspelled words during their proofreading process.

When one gives up the desire to be perfect, a heavy weight is lifted from off of their shoulders and they can engage themselves in what I like to call, “Stress-free writing!”

10.) Change Your Location

You are probably fed up of writing in the same old spot every single day.

You can spruce things up a bit by changing your location.

You can try the following experiments:

  • Write in a different room of your house.
  • Write underneath a tree in the outdoors.
  • Write at a friend’s house.
  • Write at the banks of a lake or a river.

In most instances, it is the atmosphere of the location that places us in a better mood; which results in an easier writing process.

Final Thoughts

Too many bloggers have mentioned that they were unable to update their blogs due to their experiences of having writer’s block.

The above suggestions should be enough to help any blogger escape the tight clutches of writer’s block.

And, if you are still wondering, “What the hell should I write?” I strongly advise that you check out my blog post that is entitled,Β 10 Ways To Come Up With Topics For Your Blog.

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Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you around my part of the blogosphere (So, please feel free to drop by my blog at anytime).


24 thoughts on “10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

  1. Thank you so much. Your advice is very helpful. I experience writer’s block too often, to the point that I think, what’s the use. It makes my brain tired and frustrated. But, I can’t stop writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice piece. Honestly I only write when I feel it. I never force myself, the times that I force myself all I seem to write is crap and I refuse to publish crap. Your on point though, if it’s not organic then it won’t circulate and circulation is what I want.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Well, it does make a whole lot of sense posting whenever you are in the mood to blog and that you have something to say to your audience.

      By forcing yourself, you ruin things by posting substandard content.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post. Taking a break is very important. When my brain stops working, I go out to get some fresh air and do a little bit of gardening. It works and I come back refreshed.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is practically the best how-to-beat-writers-block post I’ve ever read, honestly! And I’m sure your readers will agree that it’s just β€œit”.

    Your first tip is the one for me.

    Sadly, my blog stats have dropped lately (I know, I know… don’t upset over your stats – but I can’t help it!)

    I did some research on my blog and discovered when it all changed, when I started failing. It was when I started writing verbose articles like I were writing an English paper, instead of using the friendly, conversational style I’m already used to – the style you used in this post. I guess my new writing style bored my readers and discouraged me from writing more content.

    And truly, because of my obsession with perfectionism, many of my blog posts drafts never saw the light of day… but with your tips, I’ll surely be telling a happy story very soon.

    Very great advice! I would be selfish not to share this post on Facebook!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Obinna.

      The friendly, conversational style works best with audience from around the world.

      And, I am you are more than welcome to share this blog post with your friends on Facebook.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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