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6 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Blog


Have you ever thought about giving up on your blog?

Maybe, you did or the thought of giving up on your blog never crossed your mind.

At this very moment, some uninspired blogger is considering throwing in the proverbial towel β€” they are thinking about quitting.

Dear friend, it is way better to take some time off from your blog than to give up on blogging altogether.

Now, since I hate to see deserted blogs in the blogosphere, I am going to do whatever it takes for you to keep on blogging.

After all, I care a lot about you and your blog.

1.) The More You Blog Is The Better You Get

Yes, my friend, it is true. The more you blog, is the better you get at it.

Could you remember what your first blog post looked like?

Okay, some of you will like to bury that memory, because your first blog post was probably an awful one.

But, if you really take a closer look at the evolution of your blog posts, you would see with your own eyes that they started getting better and better.

There is an old saying that states, “Practice makes perfect.” So, it is only logical that as times passes, your blog posts will show signs of improvement.

Now, do not delete that first blog post of yours; keep it to remind yourself of how far you have come.

2.) Your Audience Is Interested In Your Content

Hey, think about your followers for a moment. Do you think that it is fair of you to leave them hanging?

At lot of you would have answered, “No!”

Your followers have followed you, because they are interested in your content β€” you inspire them!

People may love your blog for the following reasons:

  • Their mood is lifted every time that they check out your blog.
  • They learn something new every time they read your blog posts.
  • They become entertained each time they peruse your content.
  • They connect with you on an emotional level each time they read your blog posts.

Unknowingly, you have been making the blogosphere a better place.

And, you have become someone’s (or some people’s) role model.

So, do not abandon them.

3.) You Are Always Granted An Opportunity To Interact With Your Blogging Community

One of the perks of being a blogger, is that you are granted an opportunity to interact with your blogging community.

Do you like interacting with your fellow bloggers?

Well, of course you do!

I certainly enjoy interacting with my  fellow bloggers.

Interacting with your blogging community helps you to gain knowledge of the following things:

  • Their likes and their dislikes.
  • Their expectations of blogging.
  • Their state of mind.
  • The topics that they would like to read about.
  • The types of improvements that they would like to see in the blogging platform that they are a part of.
  • Whether or not your blogging community is interested in blogging awards.
  • Whether or not your blogging community is interested in participating in WordPress prompts.

Those are some of the things that we can learn by merely interacting with our blogging community.

4.) You Will Become More Disciplined

Dear friend, you will become more disciplined each time that you update your blog (It takes discipline to update your blog anyway).

Bloggers who are in the habit of coming up with excuses as to the reason why they were unable to update their blog for consecutive weeks (or months) in a row, lack a sense of discipline.

Those of you who had to go to your places of employment and find the time to attend University to further your education, will know that it requires discipline to do both.

Likewise, you can still go to work (or attend school) and find the time to do a bit of blogging.

If an individual can watch television for three hours straight, or spend an evening at the bar drinking beers with their friends, they can more than find the time to update their blog.

If one really wanted to update their blog, they would sacrifice an hour of their time to get their quota of blogging done.

In regards to WordPress, a person can compose drafts on the go via the WordPress Mobile App (You do not have to compose an entire article in one go. You can compose a few paragraphs at a time).

Once the discipline becomes ingrained in you, you will get your blogging done no matter what pops up into your life.

The more you exercise discipline is, the more it grows.

5.) You Will Get To See Your Blog Grow

Once you do not give up on your blog and you continue adding quality content to it, you will see it grow.

After all, you have been doing your very best to keep your blog alive and fresh.

I am sure that the majority of bloggers would like to see their blogs grow (I know for a fact, that I would like to see my blog grow).

So, my friend, it is in your best interest as a blogger to see to it that your blog grows.

6.) You Get To Surprise Yourself And Your Readers

There were those moments when I had no idea what the outcome of my blog posts would be. But, I chose a topic and I began writing.

In most instances, I was pleased with the finished product (I was surprised at the quality of my blog posts).

Have you ever been marvelled by the quality of your blog posts after reading them?

You probably did not know that you were capable of writing masterpieces.

And, some of your readers would have perused your content and thought to themselves, “Wow! That was impressive!”

So, by not giving up on your blog, you get the opportunity to surprise yourself and your readers with your high-quality blog posts.

Final Thoughts

No blogger should have the cause to give up their blog (Unless, they are leaving it with the intentions of creating a better one).

As I have stated earlier, I hate to come across deserted blogs.

There is no need for your blog to be added to those that made their way to a forgotten wasteland.

Also, there are members of your own blogging community who will be highly supportive of your blog β€” they want to see it succeed.

However, the proverbial ball lies in your court. You are the one who must have an inner desire to see your blog succeed (And, you cannot do that if you give up on your blog).


9 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Blog

  1. I love this post, I have thought of giving up on my blogs (I have 3) so many times. And 1 day I got a message from a reader. I did not realize that she had been following my every post and she shared it with others. I am so glad I kept on going. I do run out of topics, but I try to at least write something every so often.

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