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A Case Of Social Media Madness

Social Media
Social Media (Photo credit: Pixabay)

The day we bloggers became heavily reliant on social media, was the day we decided that we could not live without it.

Well, the God’s/Goddess’ truth, is that we can live without social media. It is just, that we have grown accustomed to sharing the links to our blog posts on those social media networks that we are a part of.

And, when things do not go as planned with our social media networks, we lose our sanity.

Could you remember what life was like before you joined those social media networks?

Oh, sure you do!

Life was much simpler for us and we did not have to worry about what transpired on those social media networks.

Damn! What did we get ourselves into?

StumbleUpon Logo
StumbleUpon Logo (Photo credit: StumbleUpon)

StumbleUpon Came To An End

Two years ago, I had an account with StumbleUpon; I ended up deleting it when they boldly stated that they were not going to allow users to share post from Blogger (Back then, I was on Blogger and I felt insulted by their sudden decision to no longer allow people to add posts from Blogger).

I did not get much interaction from the people on StumbleUpon anyway; so it had to go!

The biggest irony of all is that when I created a new blog on WordPress, some people started sharing the links to my blog posts there.

Some of the younger folks might not know what the hell StumbleUpon is but they have seen the logo among the sharing buttons on various websites.

StumbleUpon’s sole purpose was to be a discovery engine that recommended web content to their users (In all honesty, they did a great job in doing that).

On Saturday the 30th of June, 2018, StumbleUpon ended their service; all of the StumbleUpon accounts were transferred to Mix.

I genuinely wish Mix all the best and I do hope that it becomes a social media network to be reckoned with.

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo (Photo credit: Facebook)

I Am Not Fond Of Facebook

Facebook used to be a lot of fun in the early days.

Today, it is a boring piece of mess!

A month ago, I got so angry with Facebook for not allowing all of my Facebook friends to see my feed; I said to myself, “It is time to delete Facebook!”

I started with the deletion of every Facebook group I had joined and when I reached to the part where I was going to deactivate my Facebook account, I halted.

If I went ahead with deactivating my Facebook account, I would have had to say, “Goodbye,” to the live feeds of certain radio stations (So, I ended up keeping the damn thing).

Around the world, the top radio stations have Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Google Plus Logo
Google Plus Logo (Photo credit: Google Plus)

Google Plus Still Treats Me Like Royalty

Even though Google Plus is not as popular as the rest of the social media networks, a lot of people still use it to their advantage.

Google Plus never placed any sort of restrictions on me.

They allowed me to share whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, with whichever hashtag that I wanted to use.

Thankfully, the users of Google Plus do interact with me.

And, I do not feel as though the posts that I share there goes unnoticed.

Hey, it is Google and the more their users post content on Google Plus is the more information that Google manages to get (So, Google is quite happy with people using Google Pus).

Twitter Logo
Twitter Logo (Photo credit: Twitter)

Twitter Makes Me Scratch My Head

Twitter used to be my favourite social media; that changed when I found out that they placed me on a shadow ban.

If this is the first time that you are reading about shadow banning and you are a bit confused, I advise that you check out Wikipedia’s definition of shadow banning; it will add a bit of clarity.

What did I do for Twitter to place a shadow ban on me?

To be honest, I have no idea.

Twitter never tells you that your accounted has be restricted to only sharing tweets among your followers.

When you are on a ban, it is useless to use hashtags, since no one outside of your Twitter following is going to see them.

I did not give up on Twitter, because I had an account with them since 2011 and a reasonable amount of followers.

And, one of the sad things about being on a shadow ban is, that if new people (those outside of your following) were to do a search for you, it would tell them that the account does not exist).

The most ridiculous part of all of this is, that there is no way to resolve this with Twitter; the user who is affected by the shadow ban has to wait it out.

Here are some interesting articles on Twitter’s shadow ban:

There is something that is totally wack about Twitter lately.

I might as well take the opportunity to say, “Twitter, I am very disappointed in you!”

Unfortunately, Twitter is one of my main social media accounts that I use to promote my blog posts.

Pinterest Logo
Pinterest Logo (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Pinterest Is Cool

Pinterest is a wonderful place for bloggers to pin the images from their blog posts onto one of their Pinterest boards.

People love Pinterest for the following reasons:

  • It is free to use.
  • It inspires users.
  • It is mostly dominated by women (That is great if you have an article or a product that is targeted towards a female audience).
  • It is ideal for building visual links and traffic.

In the beginning, I had my doubts about using Pinterest as a tool to promote my blog posts (It proved me wrong by sending incoming traffic to my blog).

Today, I rate Pinterest highly!

If you are a blogger and you have the desire to use Pinterest to the best of your ability, I recommend that you have a serious look at, Pinterest Strategy: 7 Killer Tips to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Content! by Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi.

VKontakte Logo
VKontakte Logo (Photo credit: VKontakte)

Why Does VKontakte Still Exist?

VKontakte is the Russian carbon copy of what Facebook was like nine years ago. However, this Russian social media is well-respected by people worldwide.

I have noticed that the BBC has an account with VKontakte (Which is quite interesting).

At the moment, I only have three friends on this Facebook knock off and they are all Russian.

I almost got rid of it; I kept my VKontakte account, because I am curious to see how it is going to evolve over the coming years.

Vkontakte will always have its fans (But, I am sorry to admit that I am not one of VKontakte’s fans).

Final Thoughts

In regards to social media networks, it would be wise to spread out your proverbial wings in the major ones and not rely on one particular social media network to promote you content.

If you have been shadow banned on one or suspended on the other, you still have others to fill the void.

The error I made was being too damn loyal to Twitter (Promise me that you will not make the same mistake).

In my article, This Is What I Think Of Social Media, I discussed using privacy-centric social media like Mastodon and Diaspora (If those social media networks that you are using could not care much about their users, you are better off using one that actually cares about their users).

Those bloggers who have no intentions of using social media networks to promote their blogs, will have to rely on organic traffic from Google and Bing.

So, how are things going with your social media accounts?

Are they up to par?

Or are they not going as you expected them to?

Please feel free to tell me about your social media experiences via the comments thread of my blog.

And, thank you for visiting, Renard’s World.


8 thoughts on “A Case Of Social Media Madness

  1. I share the direct link of my post to my WhatsApp friends since I have quite a number of them. Most of the traffic I get comes from few of my friends who also help me to share my post, my other social media pages haven’t been so helpful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Oh, sharing your blog posts on WhatsApp is indeed a very good idea.

      Your friends are one of a kind; they share your blog posts on their social media. Those are friends to keep.

      Thank you for your valuable input, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried StumbleUpon many years ago and deleted it almost immediately because I didn’t understand the rules about sharing.

    I don’t do much on Google+ because I don’t have many friends on there.

    I used Twitter to look up local information like travel disruptions etc. I also follow a few YouTubers on there – the narrowboat ones. I have the occasional tweet.

    Facebook algorithms are annoying. Enough said.

    Probably going to have a binge on Pinterest later.

    An interesting post Renard. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on social media. Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😃 I agree. Facebook algorithms are annoying to me as well.

      It looks as though, you only use social media only when you have to.

      Pinterest is worth its weight in gold, so you might as well have fun with it.

      Thank you for reading and commenting and I do hope that your day goes well!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t have/use any social media accounts. I do have a Facebook account, but I smilies it solely to keep up with my now adult kids. I never post to it and I don’t use it to post my WordPress posts on. I guess I’m just an outlier.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Amazing!

      You do not use social media to promote your blog posts.

      I would have imagined your adult kids using Skype to get in touch with their parent.

      Anyway, we are all unique and thank you for sharing that with me.

      Liked by 1 person

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