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Have You Ever Been Tempted To Leave WordPress?

WordPress On A Tablet Computer
WordPress On A Tablet Computer (Photo credit: Pixabay)

In spite of WordPress being a fantastic blogging platform, there are those people who get fed up with it for various reasons.

In the past, I actually came across a blog post from a blogger who was displeased with WordPress.

And, why were they displeased with WordPress?

The female blogger (a really gorgeous-looking young woman) complained that she experienced very little interaction with others on WordPress.

“Huh? Very little interaction? You have got to be doing something wrong,” which is what ran through my mind at the time.

She went on to state, that she was leaving WordPress for good and she gave her audience the website address for her new blog on Blogger.

Back in 2015, Automattic — the company that owns WordPress, decided to place the rainbow banner on all blogs; the purpose of that was to show their support for the LGBTQ community.

The Christian bloggers were infuriated by Automattic’s decision. They hated the idea of having the rainbow banner on their blogs.

Some of the angry Christians made the switch to Blogger when they saw the rainbow banner displayed on their blogs. They said that homosexuality was an abomination and since was a loyal supporter of gay rights, they would have to host their blogs elsewhere.

So, people have had some discrepancies with in the past. 

Curiosity Has A Role To Play

I will admit, that curiosity was one of the main reasons for leaving WordPress back in 2013.

At the time, I was curious to know if Blogger had made any improvements.

Also, I was inveigled by the fact, that I was free to upload my own theme on Blogger (It was refreshing to know, that I did not have to use any of Blogger’s outdated-looking themes).

I also liked having the freedom of choosing my own commenting system; I went with Disqus, because it was great at handling spam — spam never made its way to my comments thread (And, I loved that).

Back then, I truly thought that returning to Blogger was the best decision that I had ever made.

The proverbial ride was nice while it lasted; I deactivated my blog on Blogger and I moved over to WordPress (You can read all about it on my first blog post on Renard’s World; which is entitled, I Am Back With WordPress).

Now, would you blame me for being curious?

I do not think that you can, since it is everyone’s nature to be curious.

Curiosity may have played a role in some bloggers straying away from WordPress.

What about you? Have you every strayed away from WordPress?

Being Dissatisfied Can Cause Us To Switch

Earlier on, I gave two examples of dissatisfied WordPress users; one was the woman who complained about receiving very little interaction from the WordPress community and the other one was the case of the Christian bloggers disliking the rainbow banner on their blogs.

Here are some more reasons why some bloggers would be dissatisfied with WordPress:

  • It is vulnerable to hacking.
  • The Happiness Engineers are always changing things every time WordPress does a major upgrade.
  • It is not what they thought it would be.
  • They do not want advertisements displayed on their blog and they have to pay WordPress money in order to have those advertisements removed.

Some of the reasons may appear to be a bit trivial. But dissatisfaction with WordPress can cause some people to switch to another blogging platform.

A Blogger May Switch To One Version Of WordPress To Another

It is no huge secret, that bloggers do leave their blogs for the self-hosted version of WordPress —

There are lots of advantages to going in the direction of a self-hosted blog; such as:

  • Having the ability to customise your blog in any form or fashion that you desire.
  • Having the freedom to use any of the free or the paid plugins or widgets.
  • Knowing that your blog is not going to be deactivated for violating the terms of service like those other blogging platforms (Please note, that in the case of conducting illegal activities on your site, it can be shutdown by a law enforcement agency).
  • Having the ability to make money from your own advertisements.

Most businesses prefer the self-hosted version of WordPress, because they know, that they have full control of their website.

Hobbyist bloggers also love the self-hosted version of WordPress for the same reasons as those businesses — they get full control of everything!

You Might Have Been Tempted But You Never Switched

Some of you have probably thought about blogging on another blogging platform. But, you said to yourself, “Damn. That ad for Squarespace is tempting. There is even a free trial!”

For a brief moment you thought about switching, but you realised that you would be leaving the WordPress community (which is an active one) to hide yourself away in a proverbial ghost-town; which is the reason why you never left WordPress for Squarespace.

There were those moments when I thought about starting a blog of my own on Squarespace; but I shook myself out of the reverie and said, “Hell no!”

Squarespace might be okay for those business-related websites, but I cannot see myself having a successful blog over there.

Another proverbial ghost-town is Weebly; I would know, because I do visit vegan blogs over there.

The Weebly themes may look outstanding, but the bloggers on Weebly hardly interact with each other. I have seen numerous blogs on Weebly with very little or no comments.

So, do not even make the mistake of leaving your WordPress blog to start a blog on Weebly. You will end up slapping yourself for making the stupidest decision of your life.

Weebly is no match for WordPress.

Even Blogger does way better in the area of blogging than Weebly (Yes, it is that bad).

So, not giving into your temptation of leaving WordPress for another website or blogging platform was a very good thing.

You Were Never Tempted In The First Place

Some of you were never tempted to leave WordPress. You probably thought to yourselves, “Wow! WordPress is amazing! WordPress is the best blogging platform that was ever created!”

And, if things are going nicely for you on WordPress, I see no reason why you should leave it.

As surprising as this may sound, there are people who never blogged anywhere else; they have only blogged on WordPress (The very thought of blogging elsewhere is probably a very terrifying one for them).

Anyway, WordPress is worth its weight in gold and I salute all of those people who have never been tempted to blog elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing is that you are happy and contented with the blogging platform that you are on.

If you like being on WordPress, I am fine with that.

And, if you hate WordPress and you rather host your blog somewhere else, I am fine with that too.

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is that you are supposed to know what is right for you.

Your temptation to leave WordPress might have been a good thing, because it allowed you to gain firsthand knowledge of the workings of a different blogging platform.

But, do not leave WordPress to find yourself in a whole heap of mess.

I will be very straightforward with you by telling you this, “WordPress may not be perfect, but it happens to be one of the ideal places to rub shoulders with like-minded bloggers.”

Thank you for reading and I do hope to see you around, Renard’s World soon.


14 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been Tempted To Leave WordPress?

  1. I was tempted to leave for but I realised I would be spending quite a sum of money which I don’t have. So I decided to remain here. Glad I stayed though. Thank you Renard

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  2. I’m very new to blogging, so I thought that WordPress was the only blogging platform (when I googled “how to start a blog” that was the first thing to come up) I guess I was wrong. Now I’m very curious about the Blogger platform

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My first blog was on Blogger. Next I went to Typepad. Both were okay, but on neither platform did I generate many followers, receive many comments, or feel like part of a community. I got all of that after joining WordPress.

    My only complaint with WordPress is that lately, just about every time they roll out a new update to their app for the iPhone, they screw it up. This last update was the worst. It’s so bad that I can’t use it and, instead, am accessing WordPress using my Safari browser on my iPhone. (I basically use my iPhone for everything, including my blog). I put in a ticket with the “Happiness Engineers” pointing out the issues, but haven’t yet heard back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [ Smiles ] Cool. Another blogger who started on Blogger.

      In a past blog post of mine, I mentioned that the WordPress Mobile App does not provide me with a word count; which is why I access WordPress on the browser of my Android smartphone (Now, that is only when I am far away from my laptop computer).

      Fandango, did you check your email? The “Happiness Engineers” respond to WordPress users via their email accounts at times.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. If you consider curious exploration as temptation then yes but only in a mild way. After reading all the negative stories about other systems I decided to stick with WordPress

    Liked by 1 person

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