What Would You Do If Your Blog Post Went Viral?

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Question Mark  

Most bloggers dream about their blog posts going viral.

But, what would your reaction be if one of your blog posts actually went viral?

Would you cry?

Would you laugh?

Would you jump up and down like if you were a very happy three-year-old?

I guess, that your reaction will be dependant on your personality makeup.

There Is The Option Of Rejoicing

I would want to believe, that the majority of bloggers would rejoice if they found out that a blog post of theirs went viral.

Hey, I am not going to lie to you. I would be bloody ecstatic if I found out that a blog post of mine went viral.

I would be thinking to myself, “All the hard work finally paid off!”

And, who in their right frame of mind is not going to be happy if they found out that a blog post of theirs went viral?

Maybe, it is the person who died before they had the chance of seeing their blog post go viral.

You Might Inform Your Friends And Your Family Of Your Success

I can just picture in my mind’s eye, some of you rubbing it in to a friend or a family member by saying aloud, “Could you remember when you told me that blogging was for losers?”

The friend or family member replies, “Yes, I do and I still think that blogging is for losers!”

Then you utter to them, “Well guess what?”

They being curious and looking a bit confused would say, “What?”

And, then you drop the proverbial bomb on them, “My blog post just went viral!”

Their jaw drops open, because they have entered into a state of disbelief.

Showing the naysayers that they were wrong would be one of the first things on your to-do list.

Luckily, I have friends and family who believe in me. I would most likely inform my friends and family of the good news by saying, “Hey, I have some very good news. My blog post just went viral and thank you for believing in me.”

How would you go about telling your friends and your family, that your blog post went viral?

You Might Try To Recreate More Of The Same Content

If you had a blog post that went viral, you would analyse some of the factors that could have caused it to go viral; such as:

  • The topic that was chosen for the blog post.
  • The length of the blog post.
  • The keywords that were used in the blog post.
  • On which of the social media networks that the blog posts was shared on.
  • On what day and on what time that the blog post was shared on those social media networks.

You might even go as far as to recreate the exact formula used for putting together the blog post that went viral; including the day of the week and the time that it was disseminated on those social media networks.

Some bloggers have learned to duplicate success, while there are other bloggers who are still trying to figure it out.

Attempting to recreate more of the same content that went viral is not a bad idea at all.

You Will Maintain A High Standard

It is a fact, that people always revisit websites that provided them with the type of content that they are fully pleased with.

And, if that blog post was one of the best that you ever produced, you will have no choice but to provide your audience with another blog post that is of equal standard (Or a blog post that is way better than the one that went viral).

Coming up with high-quality content in a timely manner is always a challenge for any blogger (But, the really good bloggers have a way of pulling it off whenever they put their mind to it).

You will have no choice, but to maintain a high standard, because that is what your viewing audience expects of you.

You Might Accept An Offer To Do A Guest Post For Someone

Content creators do take notice of those blog posts that went viral and since yours went viral, one of those content creators will send you an invitation to do a guest article for them via email.

Here are some advantages of doing a guest post for a blogger who is already established in the blogosphere:

  • You will gain added exposure, because the audience of the person that you did the guest post for will have their eyes fixated on your content.
  • Your social media following will expand (Some of the people who followed the person that you did the guest post for will follow you).
  • You will experience an improvement in your online authority.
  • You will discover more business opportunities.
  • You end up building a quality back-link; this is done by the established blogger posting a link to your blog at the end of the guest post.

Those are just some of the great things that can happen if you are granted an opportunity to do a guest post for a well-established blogger.

So, my fiend, a viral blog post could be the stepping stone to greater things to come.

You Might Consider Sharing Your Secret Of Creating A Viral Blog Post Via An eBook

Yes, some bloggers do make an extra income by creating eBooks; those eBooks would contain their methods of writing a very successful blog post and the things that they did to make their blog successful.

And, if you have managed to be one of those bloggers whose blog post went viral, people will want to know how you did it (This is where the creation of your eBook comes in).

By the way, if you are interested in making an eBook of your own, I highly recommend, that you check out Ramsay Taplin’s Make an eBook: How to Easily Create a PDF eBook that Rocks.

You should be able to bring in the extra cash due to fact, that eBooks have gown in popularity over the years.

Final Thoughts

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is that a person can use the opportunity of having a viral blog post as a means of expansion (Provided that the opportunity is not squandered).

There is an old adage that states, “Strike while the iron is hot.”

Therefore, when a viral blog post of ours figuratively opens doors for us, we must walk through them without any sort of hesitation and grab those opportunities — opportunities that allows us to branch off into other areas.

So, my friend, those are some of the things that a blogger could end up doing if one of their blog posts went viral.

Do you know what you would do if one of your blog posts went viral?

9 thoughts on “What Would You Do If Your Blog Post Went Viral?

  1. We can always hope, can’t we? I did have a very successful post on my old blog regarding Childhood Cancer. I had lots of views because I had shared it in my support group. It was a good feeling. I think it may have been a one off though. I would like to know the magic recipe for some of these things that do go viral though. Often it’s just someone who just gets lucky maybe? Is there a formula?
    Good post Renard 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Renard,

    This was an excellent read. I’d definitely jump on the guest post train. Actually, make that guest posting, interviews, podcasts and anything really. I learned that I should always maximize the exposure in every way possible (as long as it does not hurt my business.) I love being part of a well-connected network of influencers, and enlarging my network is an opportunity I will never miss.

    Many bloggers just think they made it after one viral post. They actually miss out on an opportunity to make every post viral if they don’t capitalize on the sudden exposure they get. They should have a list builder in place, a strategy to reach everyone who’s visited the website once again, and make sure that their blog (and blog post) generate profitable leads.

    Thank you for such a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 It is nice to know that you would make the best out of the opportunity that was given to you.

      Yes, a list builder is an asset.

      Thank you for your valuable input!


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