6 Types Of People That Drive Me Crazy


If I were to ask you, “Are there certain types of people that drive you crazy?”

You would most likely say, “Yes!”

Do not worry. You are not alone; we all are driven crazy by certain types of people — people whom we would rather avoid at all cost.

And, I am going to tell you about the types of people that drive me crazy.

1.) People Who Are Always Late

At an early age, I learned that punctuality is a discipline.

During my schooldays, I had to be early for school and if I turned up late for no good reason, I would face the wrath of my schoolteacher, the dean of discipline, or the school’s principal.

And, in my adulthood, I had no choice but to show up early at my place of employment; reaching late would have resulted in having my paycheck altered for the worst, taking a lot of heat from the company’s supervisor or manager (And, if that sort of thing happened too often, I would end up being fired).

If I could learn how to be punctual, other people can learn how to be punctual too.

Now, I am fully aware of the fact, that people can get stuck in traffic, or find themselves back home to retrieve something that they forgot.

But, when a person is always late, it shows that they are horrible at time management and that their life is topsy-turvy.

I hate it when people tell me to meet them for a certain time and they do not show up for the time that we both agreed upon and when you call them on their mobile phone to inquire about their whereabouts, they tell you, “I am now leaving home.”

2.) People Who Think That They Are Always Right

We all encountered people who thought that they were always right; it might have been in the form of a friend, a parent, a boss, or the neighbour across the street, etcetera.

From experience, I know that it is a waste of time for those types of people to be open-minded; especially when you are discussing something that is opposite to what they believe.

It is a waste of time talking to them about religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, etcetera (Unless, they happen to think similarly to you).

From a realistic point of view, we all have gaps in our knowledge; we do not know everything. A person who possesses a Ph.D. in physics may not necessarily know how to go about preparing a simple meal.

A person who thinks that they are always right is obviously living in a state of self-delusion.

3.) People Who Steal

No one would knowingly do business with a thief, because there is a high probability of purchasing stolen goods from them.

And, believe it or not, thieves would even go as far as to steal from their friends.

The majority of us know, that stealing is an immoral act (And, that it is illegal too).

There is a proverbial dark shadow that always follow people who steal; which is the reason why I want nothing to do with them.

People love to beat up thieves and if I am around in the same place that the thief is in, they may wrongly think that I am another thief and beat the hell out of me too.

I once knew a thief who lived in the same neighbourhood as I. People where always looking for the thief, because he regularly stole items from the people within the community.

Also, thieves do not care who they steal from. If they know that they can get away with stealing your personal belongings, they will do it.

4.) People Who Lie

We all know people who lie.

Liars are no fun to be around, because they enjoy telling untruths about people.

Liars cannot be trusted, because they will lie their way out of a situation. They will deny ever saying or doing something even though there were dozens of witnesses around when the incident took place.

Then there are those people who lie to impress others; such as, telling people that they live in the rich side of town when they really live in an impoverished area.

There are people who lie so convincingly, that people are mesmerised by every word that they say (Con artists fall within this category).

Do you like being lied to?

Of course not!

Nobody likes being lied to!

Liars are a nuisance to themselves and they are also a nuisance to society.

5.) People Who Never Keep Promises

I had friends who promised to do certain things (They never kept their promise).

If you lent someone a small (or large) sum of money and they promised to pay you back, you would expect them to keep their promise.

Now, the God’s/Goddess’ truth is, that some people will genuinely forget the promises that they made to others (Those are whom you can forgive).

Then there are those people who knowingly break their promises (Those are the ones that you should not trust).

Personally, I will not make a promise if I know that I would be unable to follow through with that promise.

People should stop making vain promises.

6.) People Who Are Impolite

We all hate impolite people.

A lot of us were brought up to be polite and courteous to others; but there are those people who have refused to put it into practice.

Do you know what it is like to tell someone, “Good morning,” and they acted as though you did not exist?

Do you know what it feels like to be shoved out of they way by someone who never gave an apology?

Do you know what it feels like when someone utters a rude remark to you?

I have experienced those things in the past (And, maybe you did too).

Impolite people can send us crazy if we dwell too much on what they did or said to us.

Impolite people should be sentenced into taking a mandatory course in human relations.

Final Thoughts

So, my friend, I have wilfully shared with you, six types of people that drive me crazy.

Since we are all sent crazy by various types of people, please tell me what those types are via the comments section of my blog.

And, please do not hesitate to share this article with others via your social media of choice.

And, thank you for reading.


6 thoughts on “6 Types Of People That Drive Me Crazy

  1. I agree with how you categorized people. I can add next category: pretenders. Double-faced people are the worst species. I faced such people at my workplace, they will put a knife in your back and ask you how are you doing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t hate anyone, I do discount the ones mentioned here and in the blog. I am really down on hypocrites that go to church on Sunday and talk the talk, and not walk the walk.

    Liked by 1 person

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