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6 Things That Bloggers Worry About


Bloggers are like everyone else — they worry!

Some bloggers worry a little, while other bloggers worry a lot.

What are some of those bloggers so worried about?

I will gladly tell you what they are so worried about.

1.) They Worry About What Others Think Of Them

Apparently, a lot of the newbie bloggers are concerned about what other people would think about them.

They are afraid to publish their blog posts in fear of ridicule.

Dear friend, if you constantly worry about what others think of your posted content, you are not going to publish anything on your blog.

In reality, there would be readers who will disagree with you and of course, there would be readers who would agree with you.

As a matter of fact, you are being authentic by posting the things that truly matter to you.

If some people hate your content, that is not your problem; it is theirs.

And, if some people love your content, that is okay, because they will come along for the proverbial ride.

So, go right ahead and publish those blog posts of yours.

2.) They Worry About Not Attracting Enough Readers

A lot of bloggers worry about not attracting enough readers; especially the ones who have monetised their blogs.

Now, if your blog is new, it is going to take you a while to attract the desired number of people to your blog.

In the meantime you can do the following things:

  • Use attention-grabbing headlines.
  • Publish high-quality content on your blog.
  • Be consistent with your blogging schedule.
  • Interact with other bloggers in the blogosphere.
  • Optimise the content on your blog for SEO.
  • Create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Promote your blog posts on social media.
  • Encourage others to share your blog posts on their social media.

Those are some of the things that you can do to attract readers to your blog.

3.) They Worry About Trolls

Trolls are a blogger’s worst nightmare; they can cause a content creator to lose their focus by posting negative remarks in their comments thread.

Trolls love to be rude and obnoxious.

Honestly, the best way to prevent trolls from wreaking havoc on your blog is to manually approve your comments (That way, you have full control of what enters into your comments thread).

If you have chosen the setting that automatically approve comments, delete their comments.

Now, I would like to point out, that some people may misconstrue constructive criticism as trolling. So, it is up to you to decipher whether or not, it falls into the category of trolling or constructive criticism. It would be unfair of you to delete a comment from someone who genuinely wanted to assist you in trying to make things better.

Do remember, that trolls love attention and they feed off of other people’s misery.

So, do not fall into the trap that they have set for you.

4.) They Worry About Their WordPress Website’s Security

I will admit, that the security aspects of one’s WordPress site is a genuine cause for concern.

Those who use the self-hosted version of WordPress ( can do the following things to beef up the security of their website:

  • They can set their chosen plugins and their theme to update automatically.
  • They can get a SSL/TLS certificate; which enables them to switch their site to HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).
  • They can enable a web application firewall.
  • They can configure their file permissions.
  • They can enable two-factor authentication.
  • They can track the activity in their admin area.
  • They can use WordPress security keys for authentication purposes.

Now, this is just a handful of things that you can do to improve the security of your WordPress website.

I would like to recommend that you peruse, 20 Simple Tricks to Secure Your WordPress Website in 2018 by Ahmad Awais (This author provides the people who use the self-hosted version of WordPress ( with detailed information on keeping their website secure).

If you are using the WordPress-hosted version ( you are lucky in the sense that the Happiness Engineers take care of everything.

However, you can always go a step further by implementing two-factor authentication and by changing your password every so often.

5.) They Worry About Not Having A Successful Blog

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is, that it takes time for one’s blog to become successful; I mentioned this in my blog post, 8 Things That Newbie Bloggers Should Always Do.

A lot of bloggers tend to give up before they can see their blog become a successful one.

There is an old saying, “Rome was not build in a day.”

So, why do you expect your blog to have an overnight success?

If they are so worried about success, they can go the extra mile to promote their blog on Twitter and Facebook via paid advertising (And, even that is not a guarantee of success).

Give your audience what they want; which is high-quality content and they will keep coming back for more.

6.) They Worry About Whether Or Not They Can Make A Decent Living Via Their Blog

It is no big secret, that some people rely on their blog to earn an income; especially those bloggers who have monetised their blogs.

To be quite honest, some bloggers do make more money than others (Unfortunately, there are those bloggers who barely make any sort of income from their blog).

However, bloggers can bring in the well-needed cash by doing the following:

  • By incorporating ways for companies to advertise on their blog.
  • By engaging in WordPress affiliate marketing.
  • By selling their own products on their blog.
  • By getting paid to write reviews on various products.

For the record, there is no such thing as get rich schemes in blogging and the amount of incoming cash will vary from person to person.

Final Thoughts

When I first began my blogging journey, I worried about all of those things too. I took it upon myself to come up with workable solutions and if I did not have the answers I wanted, I sought them out elsewhere.

Dear friend, worrying is bad for your health; it can lead to the following:

  • A person developing insomnia.
  • A person becoming irritable.
  • A person getting headaches.
  • A person becoming exhausted.
  • A person’s stress hormone — cortisol becoming elevated.
  • A person becoming nauseous.

Those are the some of the horrible side effects of worry.

So, dear friend, do whatever it takes (within the legal parameters of course) to make yourself happy, because worry will break your mind and your body down.

As far as I am concerned, you are better off being a worry-free blogger.


11 thoughts on “6 Things That Bloggers Worry About

  1. Hey I never knew you had a WP blog too Renard. I sometimes worry; where do I find 25 hours lol? Overwhelm is rare for me but sets in sometimes these days. I just breathe deeply, feel the worry, allow it to pass, then focus on creating and connecting once again.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. [ Smiles ] I started this WordPress blog about approximately one week ago.

      I am not worried about you finding the time to blog, because you have been effective at Time Management.

      You have found the time to update your blog, engage in a bit of guest blogging and not to mention, finding the time to publish some amazing eBooks.

      Thank you for the surprise visit and for your valuable comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmm. Take out the word “blog” and that’s my life’s worries 🤔 …
    I don’t want to make money from my blog so I don’t worry about that.
    Generally I think we all want to be successful, well liked, avoid conflict and have enough money.
    Another good post from you Renard!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 🙂 For starters you will need to place the correct website address for your blog in your “Account Settings”. At the moment, I am getting, “Your Connection Is Not Private” when I click on your name (And that can scare potential readers away).

    Please remove the “www” and put “https://” in front of your website address.

    Anyway, the easiest thing for you to do this is, to copy the website address on the Home page of your blog and paste it in your “Account Settings” area.

    In the top right hand corner of your page, right next to the notification icon, you will see a picture of yourself; click on it — you will see the option to click on “Account Settings”; click on that too and scroll down to “Web Address” and paste the correct website address for your blog there.


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