Do You Ever Miss Your Old Blog?

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If you are a newbie blogger, your answer would be an obvious, “No,” because you have recently started a blog of your own.

But, those of us who had blogs previously and deleted them will probably say, “Yes!”

Renard’s World is not my first blog — it is my fourth (So, I am not a new kid on the block).

I have been thinking about my old blog lately (And, that in itself is a sign that I am missing it).

I also believe that it is natural for any veteran blogger to miss their old blogs, because they placed a lot of their time, their love and their energy into creating content for them.

If you are one of those well-seasoned bloggers who never missed any of their old blogs, you are probably great at focusing on the present (And, that is a very commendable trait).

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

We have all heard the saying, “Familiarity breeds comfort.” That saying is quite true, my friend.

I was familiar with Blogger’s dashboard and I liked the way in which Blogger presented the Stats; it highlighted the following:

  • The number of people from each country that visited your blog.
  • The percentage of people who used specific types of browsers to visit your blog.
  • The percentage of people who used certain types of operating systems to visit your blog.

Those are just some of the cool things that was available in Blogger’s Stats area.

WordPress’ Stats area is not bad; but it is not as fully detailed as Blogger’s Stats area (And, I am willing to live with that).

In my article, I Am Back With WordPress, I mentioned that I had the freedom to upload my own theme on my blog on Blogger.

The WordPress-hosted version ( does not grant their users the ability to upload themes to their blogs; this privilege is only granted to those bloggers who use the self-hosted version of WordPress (

For the record, I understand the reason why the WordPress-hosted version ( does that; it is a way of preventing malware from infecting their servers.

There are those rare instances where a blogger would unknowingly upload malware via their theme on their self-hosted site.

Oh well, I will have to live with the fact, that WordPress does things differently from Blogger (And, it is probably for the better).

I Got Rid Of The Old Baggage

In spite of my blog on Blogger getting some very decent incoming traffic, I got lots of emails from people asking me to add links for their sites in my blog posts with the promise of they sharing the links to my blog posts with their followers on social media (I ignored most of them; there were the lucky few that got what they wanted).

I strongly advise against the practice of adding someone else’s link to your blog with the promise of they sharing the links to their followers on social media, because what you are actually doing is, advertising their stuff for free. Let those cheap bastards pay their money to advertise whatever they want in those paid promotional social media plans.

Then there were those companies that wanted to send me free goodies with the sole purpose of me writing a review on their product.

Some of those companies even volunteered to submit their own reviews in the form of a guest post.

Other companies were willing to pay me to review their products, but I would have felt bad if I took their money and gave their product a negative review if it sucked.

My favourite of all time was a lifetime subscription that I got from Write for telling my readers about their amazing distraction-free text editor.

Another company was willing to send me a free sample of their tea for me to review; I did not bother with that one, because I live in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the company is based in the United States of America (I thought that they would have to pay an exorbitant shipping fee in order to send it to me).

However, both the good and the bad offers came my way (I was not at all interested in the bad ones of course).

So, deleting my old blog rid me of the concerns of having to open emails about horrible business proposals.

Moving Forward

There are those moments when a blogger needs to say, “Goodbye, ” to their old blog and start a new one.

Besides, it was time to end that online experiment of mine on Blogger.

Honestly, it is nice to be back on WordPress — a lovely blogging platform where I can focus my energies on some serious creative writing.

And, the best part of all is, that I have the opportunity to turn Renard’s World into the best blog that I have ever created.

Getting the proverbial wheels rolling with a new blog is no easy task; since it requires that you add lots of quality content to it, that you maintain your posting consistency and that you go out of your way to promote it feverishly on social media.

I am fully devoted to this blog of mine (I am giving it all I have got).

I Am Taking It One Day At A Time

Well, in regards to this blog, I have no choice but to take it one day at a time — work with it slowly with the hopes of it growing.

In reality, there is no such thing as overnight success in the blogosphere (Anyone who tells you otherwise is deceiving you).

Do you have the patience to watch your blog grow slowly?

Hey, I will be honest. It takes a lot of patience to do that!

In spite of taking things one day at a time with my blog, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Bing had had indexed Renard’s World two days after its release.

I checked Google to see if they had indexed my new blog and I saw that it was not among their search results (I was not at all surprised by that, because Renard’s World is new).

According to WordPress, it takes approximately four to six weeks before Google indexes new blogs (So, I will be waiting patiently to see when Renard’s World finally appears there).

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is, that I cannot remember how long it took when Google indexed my old blog on Blogger for the very first time (That would have made an interesting comparison if I knew the exact time frame).

Patience is a blogger’s best friend and if you are not best of friends with patience, you can consider yourself doomed!

So, I might as well take things one day at a time.

Final Thoughts

Do I miss my old blog?

Yes, I do!

Do I have any regrets of deleting my old blog and starting a new one?

No, I do not regret the decision!

The old blog is history and you can think of my new blog as, turning over a new leaf.

So what about you?

Do you miss your old blog?



  1. Hi Renard, I do NOT miss my old blogs. (Well, I do miss my nature one, I lost it! It was a blogger blog)….But not Inspire and I’ve had the patience to watch it grow and evolve over the 7 years now it’s been going. It does take commitment and patience. Of course you need to do redesigns over the years as well to keep it fresh and Google friendly 🙂
    I’m loving your new blog here Renard, nice and clean look!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [ Smiles ] Thank you for sharing that with me, Lisa.

      I like clean-looking, minimalistic themes.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!


  2. mariexceline says:

    I don’t miss my old blogs as I feel I stopped updating them when they came to a natural end. My old blogs were quite specific in their content, rather than being more generalised like my blog now.
    I did not delete them so I can still go back and visit them if I need to.
    I have lost count of how many blogs I’ve had 😱
    When I had my craft blog on blogger I got to the point where I spent more time changing the theme and installing new backgrounds than I did updating the content.
    I’m very happy with how my new blog looks though so I won’t be changing this in a hurry.
    Hope you’re feeling content with your new blog Renard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [ Smiles ] I can’t complain much, Marie-Céline.

      There is more interaction here on WordPress, but my blog on Blogger had way more views.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mariexceline says:

        Do you think that Google are biased more towards Blogger because it is their platform? Hence more views?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. mariexceline says:

          I have missed my new blog these last few days. I’ve missed reading and commenting on the blogs I follow, and I’ve missed being able to write spontaneously.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. [ Smiles ] You can still write spontaneously, Marie-Céline.

            You can always respond to comments and visit those blogs that you follow when you are logged in to WordPress.


            1. mariexceline says:

              I haven’t been able to do that these last few days as my attention was needed elsewhere Renard!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. [ Smiles ] Understood, Marie-Céline.


        2. [ Smiles ] Yes, I do, Marie-Céline.

          Google will always give their services and their products first priority.

          Also, the most important factor being, that my blog on Blogger was older and more established.

          Renard’s World is new; therefore it is not as popular as my blog on Blogger (Which is to be expected).


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