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This Is Why I Like WordPress

WordPress (Photo credit: Pixabay)

WordPress happens to be one of the best Content Management Systems that was ever created. It powers thirty percent of the websites on the world wide web (More people are utilising it for their business-related blogs and for their personal blogs).

I think that anyone who blogs and is not using WordPress is missing out on its greatness.

Even Google (who owns Blogger) respects WordPress.

After all, WordPress is years ahead of the competition.

For the record, I like WordPress and I am going to tell you the reasons why.

WordPress Is Easy To Use

Whether it is the self-hosted version of WordPress ( or the WordPress-hosted version (, you will discover that it is easy to use.

Some newcomers to WordPress will find that the dashboard area is a bit confusing. But, they do learn to navigate their way around it in less than a week’s time.

In my case, it took me less than an hour to figure out.

Hey, everything about WordPress is intuitive!

Do you think that WordPress is easy to use?

WordPress Has Numerous Themes

Believe it or not, WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes; which means, that there is a very slim chance of your blog looking like everyone else’s blog (Now, there are those instances where WordPress bloggers do use the same themes; but they are all customised differently).

Another thing that I like about WordPress themes is, that they are SEO friendly.

There are themes available for:

  • Photography blogs.
  • Author blogs.
  • Music blogs.
  • Art blogs.
  • Spiritual blogs.
  • Technology blogs
  • News blogs.
  • Food blogs.
  • Business-related blogs.
  • Personal blogs.

The truth is, that WordPress has themes to suit every blogger’s taste.

I like clean, minimalistic-looking themes with fonts that are easy to read at first glance.

What type of WordPress theme do you like?

WordPress Is Loaded With Widgets

Although WordPress has many widgets to utilise, I prefer to keep it simple.

I like the following widgets:

  • The Archives widget.
  • The Category Cloud widget.
  • The Follow Button widget.

I made the conscientious decision not to use too many widgets, because having too many of them can drastically slowdown the loading time of one’s blog.

What types of widgets do you like using on your WordPress blog?

WordPress Is Optimised For Mobile Devices

You can bet your last dollar on WordPress loading quickly on your tablet or on your smartphone.

I have used WordPress on a tablet and a smartphone, so I can vouch for it loading quickly on those electronic devices (If your WordPress theme is not loading quickly, the theme you are using is very old or you are in a location where the internet signal is weak).

Do you use the mobile version of WordPress?

And, do you think that it loads quickly on your device?

WordPress Is Better Than Blogger

Yes, my friend, WordPress is better than Blogger (I could not help but throw that in, since I came over from Blogger).

WordPress is modern-looking and Blogger’s appearance looks as though it was frozen in the early part of the two thousands.

Now, although Blogger came out with a fresh set of themes back in 2017, they are not as beautiful or professional-looking like the themes that are available on WordPress.

I have a very strong feeling, that if I were to ask ten random bloggers, “Which themes do you think are visually appealing, those on Blogger or those on WordPress?” All ten would probably blurt out, “WordPress!”

So, you cannot blame me for liking WordPress.

The Folks At WordPress Are Supportive Of Each Other

Yes, it is true. The bloggers on WordPress enjoy pressing the “Like” button, leaving comments and following the blogs of their fellow WordPress bloggers.

Similar behaviour can be seen at Blogger, but it is very rare.

I believe that the WordPress Reader has a lot to do with it; since it is the place where you will easily find the blogs that you are interested in.

On Blogger, it is not easy to come across blogs that are of the same niche as yours (You might be lucky to find some of them if they are in the same Facebook blogging group that you are in).

If no one interacts with you on WordPress, it could be because of the following:

  • Your blog is new.
  • Your blog is on the “Private” setting.
  • Your “Like” button and your comments thread have been disabled.
  • You are a very bad person.

In most instances, you have nothing to worry about, because your WordPress comrades will find your blog sooner or later (Provided that you have used the relevant tags).

WordPress Is Always Upgrading For The Best

When I came back to WordPress, I noticed that the user interface had changed a lot (As a matter of fact, I like the new look).

And, I am sure that the Happiness Engineers made some necessary changes underneath WordPress’ proverbial hood too.

So far, WordPress has been rock solid.

Some years ago, WordPress users were unable to log in to their account during the period that the Happy Engineers were doing their upgrades.

It surely looks as though WordPress has their act together this time around.

The Big Dogs Are Using WordPress Too

Now, I am not surprised that big corporations and media houses have websites that are powered by WordPress; here are a list of them:

  • Sony
  • General Motors
  • CNN
  • The New York Times
  • Routers
  • Forbes
  • Best Buy

If those corporations and media houses are using WordPress, you know without a doubt that it is a very powerful and effective Content Management System.

Therefore, no one should ever underestimate the power of WordPress.

Final Thoughts

I have no regrets of ever jumping on the WordPress bandwagon.

WordPress is amazing!

The majority of the bloggers that I know have spoken highly about WordPress.

And, to be quite honest, only a small percentage of bloggers have said that they were not pleased with WordPress; they were the ones who went back to using Blogger, or started new blogs elsewhere in the blogosphere.

I like WordPress not because of its popularity, I like WordPress, because it is a very good Content Management System.

What about you?

Do you like WordPress?


6 thoughts on “This Is Why I Like WordPress

  1. I like WordPress. I find it very easy to use. Today I found my é on the desktop too, in the special characters section of the editing menu 🙂

    I have used Blogger too and there is a well established community of crafters on there. WordPress doesn’t seem to have as many arts and crafts sites, or maybe I just haven’t found them yet.

    WordPress works better on my phone than Blogger as I have said before.

    I like that you can save posts now and hope that eventually we will be able to sync across all devices.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. [ Smiles ] Congratulations on finding the “é” on your desktop, Marie-Céline.

    Try adding “Arts and Crafts” in the “Tags” section of your WordPress Reader; hopefully a few blog posts of that nature should show up.

    Yes, the WordPress App does work way better than the Blogger App.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective!


  3. I do like WordPress, it’s brought me so much joy and entirely for FREE…!!! I agree with what you said. It’s very intuitive, I learned it in no time. And the community here is the best part of blogging! I don’t follow any Blogger blogs because I use WP Reader to follow (I think you can import them there but I’m too lazy when there are already a zillion WP blogs to discover). Often when I do land on a blog elsewhere than WP, I am always amazed at the lack of interaction. No, likes, no comments. If there are comments, the blogger doesn’t respond. And so on. Jeez! Those poor people are really missing out! 🤣I actually tried Blogger once myself because of some studies I did where they forced us to, and like you said, it seemed to be frozen in ancient times… there really is no contest, WP is on another level! 🙂 Thanks for letting me chat! Enjoy your day and happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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