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8 Things That Newbie Bloggers Should Always Do


Most newbie bloggers use the trial and error method in their fist stages of blogging (That is to be expected, because they are still experimenting with their blog).

Some of the newbie bloggers start off fairly okay, while a large percentage of them continue to make a huge mess with their blog.

There are those times when I wished that people would go through a mandatory training course in blogging — a course that would teach them the basics of blogging. But, in reality, no one is required to take a mandatory training course in blogging and in today’s blogosphere, anything goes.

However, someone needs to point out some of the mistakes that a lot of the newbie bloggers are known for making; I have volunteered to be that person (I can only hope that no one nails me to the bark of a tree for doing so).

1.) They Should Always Be Themselves

Unfortunately, too many newbie bloggers fall into the trap of emulating the writing style of the blogger whom they idolised.

Why is that bad?

It is bad, because they should be using a writing style of their own.

I am proud to admit, that I have a writing style of my own; it is one that exudes my personality.

A lot of newbie bloggers need to find their own voice (After all, their blog is supposed to be a strong reflection of who they are and that cannot be done by they emulating someone else’s personality).

All the famous bloggers have a writing style of their own and you should too.

Ryan Biddulph does not try to write like Neil Patel and vice versa.

Remember my friend, that it is all about originality!

2.) They Should Never Compare Themselves To Others

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is, that a blogger should not be comparing their self to another blogger.

There are bloggers who are more successful than us and there are also bloggers who are less successful than us. If you get yourself ensnared in the comparison trap, you may wrongfully feel that you are better off or worse off than another blogger.

But, do remember, that each blogger is a unique soul; someone who is travelling on their own path.

Sadly, a lot of us started comparing ourselves to others way back in our childhood; it may have originated when one of our parents said something along these lines to us, “Why can’t you be a nice child like Jimmy. He cleans his room and he does his homework.”

Anyway, I adhere to the belief, that no blogger should compare their self to another blogger (And, I am sticking with it).

You can only be yourself. So, throw comparison out of the door like an unwanted guest.

3.) They Should Always Use Legible Fonts

One of my favourite pastimes happens to be, checking out blogs on the world wide web and I have encountered blog posts that were very difficult to read.

And, why were some of those blog posts difficult to read?

Because, those bloggers did not use legible fonts; they were either way too small to see or they used an outlandish font that emulated the look of handwriting — a handwriting that was almost indecipherable.

All bloggers should always keep in mind, that if the visitors to their blog are unable to read what they posted, those people are going to go somewhere else — preferably another blog or website that has their desired content.

So, it is advisable that you stay away from those fonts that look like handwriting.

And, please use fonts that are large enough for people to see. If you want to get an idea of how large your fonts should be, check out the BBC and CNN websites; their font-sizes were set specifically for easy readability.

4.) They Should Always Proofread Their Work

As a matter of fact, all bloggers should proofread their articles before pressing the “Publish” button.


Because, they will discover grammatical errors and misspelled words (if they are there) and make the necessary corrections.

Newbie bloggers are famous for not proofreading.

Do remember, that once your blog is not set on “Private” it will be seen by others on the internet.

Do you ever proofread your work?

5.) They Should Always Publish High-Quality Content

There is an old adage that states, “First impressions count.” And, one of the best ways that any blogger can make a good first impression is to publish high-quality content.

High-quality content can be defined as:

  • Content that is evergreen.
  • Content that is well-written.
  • Content that provides readers with a solution to a problem.
  • Content that provides value.
  • Content that Google and Bing thinks is worthy of being shared.

A newbie blogger may be tempted to publish substandard articles on their blog, but if they give into that sort of temptation, they will end up sabotaging their blog.

So, make it a priority to always post high-quality content on your blog.

6.) They Should Learn From Their Mistakes

It is a fact, that newbie bloggers will make mistakes along the way (That is normal, because they are new to blogging). The most important thing is, that they learn from their mistakes. If a newbie blogger does not learn from their mistakes, they will repeat them and that could stunt their growth in the blogosphere.

Some common mistakes that newbie bloggers make are:

  • Not proofreading their articles.
  • Not engaging with the blogging community.
  • Not writing for a targeted audience.
  • Not blogging consistently.
  • Not displaying their personality in their writing.

Thankfully, they can rectify those mistakes (Provided that they are aware of them).

7.) They Should Exercise Patience

Exercising patience is something that all bloggers should do.

Too many bloggers want instant success.

I am sorry to inform you of the fact, that success does not happen overnight.

A friend of mine told me that he had to wait two years to build a readership.

To be quite honest, success will vary with each blogger. You might become successful in a few months’ time, while other bloggers will have to wait over a year in order to see the proverbial fruits of their labour.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of bloggers give up before seeing any signs of success.

Do you have the patience to persevere until success comes your way?

8.) They Should Learn To Have Fun

Blogging should be fun for any blogger, because if they are not having fun with the whole blogging process, they are going to view blogging as a cumbersome task (And, no one really likes engaging in a cumbersome task).

A newbie blogger can have some fun by doing the following things:

  • By posting about the things that they are passionate about.
  • By learning everything they can about blogging.
  • By interacting with other bloggers in their blogging community.
  • By reaching out to their readers.
  • By thinking up of creative ways to improve their blog.

Are you having fun with your blog?

For the sake of your blog’s longevity, I hope that you are having lots of fun.

Final Thoughts

Newbie bloggers should not have the cause to suffer in the blogosphere (And, I intervened with the intentions of helping them out).

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Also, thank you for checking out, Renard’s World.


15 thoughts on “8 Things That Newbie Bloggers Should Always Do

  1. I agree about the fonts. In the world of craft blogs especially, there were some crazy fonts out there!
    We are certainly conditioned to compare ourselves to others and I for one feel that it is my blog and I’m in charge therefore I will be myself and if people don’t like that, too bad!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [ Smiles ] Nicely said.

      If people don’t like you, they can go somewhere else.

      In the meantime, you can enjoy the online interactions from those people who appreciate you.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. You hope that people will always be nice of course. That the people who aren’t interested in your blog will just move on, and will say nothing!
        Constructive criticism is ok. Sometimes we need a gentle nudge in the right direction. But I wouldn’t want anyone to be nasty!
        Have a great day!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. [ Smiles ] Well, I have seen that you took preventive measures by manually approving the comments on your blog. If someone where to say something really nasty, it is not going to get published.

          Have a great day as well, my friend!


          1. Yes I will approve all my comments first. One of the reasons is to make sure I don’t miss any, as well as approving the content 😃

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Renard, if you can help me with something, I would like to share your post with my readers, how can I do that? I don’t see an option to do that. Thank you in advance – Ana


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