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I highly suspect, that a large percentage of people from around the world are using Twitter.

If you have ever used Twitter, you may have come across the following types of people:

  • Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Actors
  • Photographers
  • Singers
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Authors
  • Activists
  • Programmers
  • Journalists
  • Scientists
  • Models

The above list is merely a small one; since there are countless occupational titles.

Thankfully, Twitter is filled with all types of people; so it is never boring.

I have been using Twitter since May, 2011 and I have no regrets of joining this wonderful social media (But that does not mean that I am one hundred percent pleased with it).

Twitter Needs An Edit Button

In the past, I made a spelling error in one of my hashtags (I discovered the error after I had Tweeted my message).

Being the type of person that I am — a perfectionist, I wanted to make things right by editing my Tweet. “Where is the edit button?” I wondered. I found out that there was none.

So, what did I do?

I deleted the Tweet and then I Tweeted the revised version.

In my opinion, all of that could have been avoided if there was an edit button.

Facebook has an edit button for their comments and our statuses can be edited too.

Google Plus also has an edit button available on their site; which can be utilised to edit posts.

So, why in God’s name there is no edit button on Twitter?

Come on Twitter, we need one!

People Follow And Unfollow Others For No Good Reason

Currently, there is lots of madness happening over at Twitter. People follow others whom they know nothing about (I suspect that it is a severe case of, “I follow you and you follow me, ” but that sort of thing is foolish; especially when you have no idea about what the person’s personality is like).

A person on Twitter could have unknowingly followed a rapist, a racist, a scammer or a psychopath.

Now, before I inadvertently land myself in hot water, I would like to state, that Twitter is filled with people of exemplary character and that not everyone on Twitter is a bad person.

However, before we follow someone, we should check out their Tweets (provided they did not set their Twitter feed as private); that would give us an idea of their likes and their dislikes and what they truly stand for.

Another crazy thing that is happening on Twitter is, that a lot of people are engaging themselves in a behaviour known as, mass unfollowing; it is often done with the purpose of making their Twitter profile look as though they have a higher ratio of people following them than the amount of people that they are following.

So, my friend, do not follow everyone who followed you on Twitter; they might be following you for the sole purpose of beefing up the number of their followers and a month after, they unfollow a large percentage of the people who followed them.

Businesses Are Known To Take Advantage Of Twitter Users

Large corporations are attracted to people who have a large following. They know that you will share their Tweets with your followers.

If you have ever followed a large corporation on Twitter (or a few of them), do ask yourself this question: “Did this large corporation ever Retweeted one of my Tweets?” If your answer is, “No,” that corporation is actually of no use to you. The sad fact is, that large corporations are only interested in your large number of followers.

In most instances, you are better off by not following large corporations on Twitter.

If you want to know the developments of large corporations, you can check out their official website or their official Facebook page.

There Are Too Many Bots On Twitter

If someone were to ask you, “Would you prefer to interact with a real person, or a bot on Twitter?” You would most likely tell them, “I would rather interact with a real person on Twitter.”

Twitter does their best to crack down on bots, but as soon as one is taken down, another one pops up.

I became deeply shocked when I found out that two thirds of the real news on Twitter were actually circulated by bots; I found out that when I read a short article on the Telegraph entitled, Two Thirds Of Real News Articles On Twitter Are Shared By Bots, Study Claims by Margi Murphy.

So, these days, it is a little difficult to figure out if our Tweets are coming from a real person or a bot.

Apparently, the creators of those bots, programmed them with highly sophisticated algorithms — the kind that actually fools us into thinking that they are human.

The Increased Character Count Is A Blessing

I remembered the days when all Twitter users were restricted to one hundred and forty characters (Oh, those were difficult times for me).

I was one of the many people who added hashtags to their Tweets and there were lots of times when I was unable to use quite a number of them.

I rejoiced the day when Twitter increased their character count to two hundred and eighty; it allowed me sufficient characters to utilise my desired number of hashtags (The truth is, that the two hundred and eighty character count is more than enough; I am yet to go over that limit).

I genuinely believe, that most Twitter users are highly satisfied with the two hundred and eighty character count.

Twitter Is Still Wonderful

In spite of all of the craziness that is currently taking place on Twitter, I still think that it is a wonderful place.

I have interacted with people who have similar interests to mine and we got along well with each other.

Being a blogger, I use Twitter to promote my blog posts (Hey, most bloggers do).

And, the links to my blog posts are shared more often on Twitter than on Facebook.

Things are certainly working out well for me on Twitter.

Final Thoughts

Twitter on the whole is amazing.

I am eager to see what Twitter is going to evolve into five years from now (I hope that it does not get disgusting like Facebook).

Twitter is by no means perfect; but it has remained as one of those social media networks that I appreciate.

I have a strong feeling that Twitter is going to make some major improvements and that it would turn out to be one of those social media networks that its users are going to love.



  1. Isaac Tan says:

    nice read.. came over from empire kred (e)ISAACTAN via a twitter share 🙂 ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [ Smiles ] Thank you, Isaac!


  2. Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale says:

    When Twitter first started I thought it was for established stars and popular people, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t so, and for some people it became an avenue to become popular. Then it grew into one of the most popular networking sites on the net. I’m not interested in it (yet), but some compelling factors come into play, I may consider opening an account. Good info though Renard.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. [ Smiles ] Nigel, I am glad to know that you have figured out, that Twitter is not only for celebrities. Ordinary folks are on Twitter too.

    Twitter is one of those social media networks that can be utilised to share links to whatever you are interested in and much more.

    Thank you for your valuable input!


  4. Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale says:

    I just realized I made a lil mistake in the second-to-last sentence, it was supposed to go, “but if some compelling factors come into play,”… My bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [ Smiles ] Apology accepted and do not beat up yourself over it. We all make mistakes.


  5. Beaton says:

    twitter is one of my favourite social media sites regardless of its weird policy changes and all that… and still all I want is an edit button I just deleted a tweet with a typo from six years ago

    But regardless not only is it the main place I share my blog it keeps me updated with realtime events its like the news but on steroids
    actually I preferred twitter before the increased tweet limit , because brevity of expression

    PS I really hate the follow/unfollow drama

    Liked by 1 person

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