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6 Crazy Things That Bloggers Do

Six (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Bloggers are indeed a unique bunch (After all, we are people with unique personality traits).

Most of you already know, that some of us are very good when it comes to getting on the nerves of others.

Thankfully, not every blogger under the Sun does crazy things.

But, do make a mental note, that you are going to encounter some strange behaviour in the blogosphere (And, from the looks of things, we are going to continue to witness some strange behaviour until the guilty ones get their act together).

1.) Pressing The “Like” Button Without Reading Our Posts

For the purpose of clarification, I would like to highlight the fact, that you would not see “Like” buttons on all blogging platforms and that some of the people who publish blog posts on Weebly and on Blogger may not know what the hell I am referring to.

WordPress blogs do come with the “Like” button and WordPress users do have the option of enabling or disabling the “Like” button.

The majority of WordPress bloggers do leave the “Like” button on their blogs enabled.

Some WordPress bloggers have suspected that there are people who press the “Like” button without ever reading a single word of their blog post.

And, on the other hand, there are WordPress bloggers who know without a doubt, that there are people who press the “Like” button without checking out their published content.

Now, I consider that to be utter madness.

It was brought to my attention, that ninety percent of the time, a WordPress blogger would check out the post of someone who clicked on their “Like” button.

Dear friend, clicking the “Like” button on a blog post that you have not read, or clicking the “Like” button on a blog post that did not arouse any sort of pleasure in you is a dishonest act; it lacks authenticity!

I am guessing that if someone wrote a blog post entitled, 7 Reasons To Chop Off Your Sex Organs And Feed It To Wild Animals, someone (or some people) will end up pressing the “Like” button.

Do you ever press the “Like” button without reading the blog posts of your fellow bloggers?

For your sake, I hope that your answer is, “No!”

2.) Adding Links To Your Blog On Every Comment That You Make

For the record, it is okay to leave a link to your blog’s home page in another blogger’s comment feed if the owner of the blog asked you to do it (This sort of thing is usually done with the intentions of getting people to visit new blogs; I have personally seen this sort of thing being practised on WordPress).

Personally, I would not do that sort of thing, because Akismet may view that type of action as spam.

By the way, leaving links in the comment section of someone’s blog without being asked to do so is considered as circulating spam.

And, guess what, no one likes spam. The last thing that any respectable blogger would like to be viewed as is a spammer.

So remember, do not add any link to your blog’s home page in someone’s comment thread, unless they specifically asked you to do so.

3.) Carrying Out Heated Arguments In Someone Else’s Comment Thread

You have probably seen bloggers carrying out heated arguments with each other in various comment threads (Oh, that is a sad thing, because it makes them look uncouth and unprofessional).

In reality, there are two types of criticism; one that is known as constructive criticism — criticism that is solely done for the purpose of highlighting a flaw and presenting a workable solution and asinine criticism — the type criticism that is done with the sole purpose of destroying someone’s reputation — a horrible type of behaviour that is often practised by trolls and ignoramuses around the globe.

In most cases, moderating your comments can prevent heated arguments from growing like wild-fire in your comments section.

If someone else is being rude to you in the comments thread of another blogger, ignore them — pretend that they do not exist.

Besides, it is the job of the person’s blog that you are on to keep their commenters’ behaviour in check.

If you thought that you were treated unjustly, you can always send a polite email to the owner of the blog (Provided that there is an email address for that blog of theirs).

I have always said, “We may not agree on everything that is posted on the internet and if we disagree on what is posted, we can always leave a polite and diplomatic comment in the blogger’s comment thread.”

4.) Leaving Vague Comments

We have all seen vague comments in the comments threads of other bloggers; it usually reads like this:

  • Cool.
  • Me too.
  • Yep.

There are many others, of course and it would be ridiculous to mention them all.

Now, you could add value by telling them about what you thought was cool in their blog post.

And, you could have highlighted some of the similar experiences that you went through by giving a detailed explanation; which is way better than only saying, “Me too.”

And, instead of only saying, “Yep,” you could have mentioned some of the points in the blog post that you agreed with.

I want everyone to know that spammers are usually the ones leaving vague comments on your blog.

I am sorry to say, that vague comments do not add any sort of value to your blog and that they do not belong in the comments threads.

Have you seen any vague comments in your comments thread lately?

5.) Posting Tweet-Sized Articles

My goodness, what ever happened to posting valuable content?

Unfortunately, too many bloggers are posting tweet-sized content — blog posts that are ridiculously short.

If you want to post tweet-sized content, do it on Twitter, or do it on Tumblr — Tumblr is a microblogging site.

In most instances, valuable content usually comes in the form of an article that is around one thousand words and over.

Search engines like Google and Bing, see tiny articles as thin content — articles that are of no value to the reader.

Apparently, too many bloggers are way too lazy to write a proper blog post.

6.) Not Responding To Comments

The majority of us hate it when other bloggers do not respond to our comments.

I adhere to the belief, that if you have no intentions of responding to the comments on your blog, you might as well disable your comments.

I enjoy responding to comments (And, I would want to believe that most bloggers enjoy responding to the comments that were made on their blog).

However, do make a mental note, that not everyone will respond to your comment right away; since they are busy doing some other type of activity.

The most that any blogger can do is, respond to the comments that were made on their blog at a time that is convenient to them.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; six crazy things that bloggers do.

If you know of any other crazy things that bloggers are in the habit of doing, please tell me about them via the comments section of my blog.

Also, if you have enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to press the “Like” button, subscribe and share this content via your social media of choice.

Thank you for reading!


15 thoughts on “6 Crazy Things That Bloggers Do

  1. I confirm I have read every word! I am also on tumblr so will bear it in mind that my shorter posts belong over there, although I would like to try out the “status” type post on WordPress. I don’t actually understand what all the different types of WP posts are for so I might just press buttons without actually knowing what I am doing. Blogging should always be fun though don’t you think? Otherwise, why bother? Good luck with your blog and have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [ Smiles ] You will eventually find out what those WordPress buttons do; they are easy to learn and even if you pressed the wrong button, you will find out the hard way what it is for.

      Yes, I agree one hundred percent, that blogging should be fun.

      And, may you have a great weekend as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha, ha! I read through this and realized that I fall into one of the categories of not responding to comments as quickly as I should. It bothers me as well and I do try to respond to comments left on my posts, there are however dozens that have slipped past me on hectic days which is commonplace in my life. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I do admit that I prefer short posts over really longs ones. Sometimes I enjoy those 3 or 4 lines posts that leave a bit of mystery. I love commenting on other posts and connecting with people. What I have noticed happening is that a blogger will ask a question or 2 and gets some likes, but not one person has bothered to answer the question(s) or made any attempt to engage in a conversation. Now that’s sad. Maybe they just didn’t read ALL of the post and missed the question. Who knows.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. [ Smiles ] First of all, I respect your preferences in posts; since we are all different.

    I also love commenting on the posts of my fellow bloggers.

    I have noticed, that a lot of bloggers would prefer to press the “Like” button instead of leaving a comment. That is quite a pity since an opportunity for interaction is lost.

    Thank you for checking out my blog post and for leaving me a valuable comment.


  5. Love this post. I have read every post I like and or follow. I am lax in the length of my comments and more then a few of my own posts. I am in the blogging business to make money. I love to post and add my nickles work of thought. Continue with your post I like to read them

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Umm I read it all and agree :), but I love visiting other blogs and seeing what they write about. If the title catches my yee I’ll read it then like it if its likable or comment, never being rude or leaving a link to my sites. ty for the post.. Linda 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. As you know from my last blog post, I used to be guilty (for a very short time) of pressing the like button without actually having read the post, too. It took me this little misguided detour to find and feel confident about my authentic way as a blogger.

    Interestingly, in that last blogpost of mine I included the tag “SEO” just to see what happens – and sure enough I got not just one but a number of likes and follows from bloggers who specialized in SEO and, judging by the content of their blog, where very probably not aware of what they had “liked”. And even though they are free to do what they want, I find it disturbing and somewhat disrespectful. Well, how is that for karmic payback? 🙂

    I might not go as far as disenabling the like button (yet) but I sure find it an interesting concept. It helps destill the traffic down to the real thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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