6 Things That I Wish For Newbie Bloggers

More and more people are joining WordPress on a daily basis. However, the sad fact is that only a small percentage of them will remain active in the blogosphere (A lot of the people who started blogging on WordPress will abandon their blogs due to some form of difficulty or dissatisfaction).

The truth is that everyone’s blogging journey is tough and that there is more to blogging than meets the eye.

I genuinely wish all the best to all of the new bloggers that joined WordPress recently.

And, speaking of wishes, I am going to share some of the things that I wish for all newbie bloggers around the world.

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Relax And Try Linux

I have been using Linux exclusively since 2015 and I am proud to admit that I have never regretted my decision of jumping on the Linux bandwagon.


Because Linux is:

  • More secure than any of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.
  • Free and open source.
  • Well-known for working great on both new and old hardware.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Privacy respecting.
  • Easy to use.

My article, Renard’s Thoughts On Windows 11, highlighted the ridiculous requirements for running Microsoft’s latest and so-called greatest operating system.

Now, despite your computer being unable to run Windows 11, you can extend its life by installing Linux on it.

I highly recommend that you check out, How To Install Linux Instead Of Windows 11 (It will teach you how to make a bootable USB flash drive with Linux on it).

So, without further ado, I am going to recommend a few Linux distributions for you to try.

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