I Dreamt About WordPress

Sometimes, when I have a particular thing on my mind and I go to sleep, I end up dreaming about it.

I dreamt that I pressed the Publish button and somewhere in the middle of sleep and wake, I thought to myself, “I have no recollection of writing that!”

The chances of me ever publishing something on my blog without knowing what the content is about is zero.

It turned out that my subconscious mind was nudging me to wake up and write another blog post.

What a lot of my readers do not know (or some may have suspected) is that I challenged myself to publish a blog post every day for the month of August on my blog (So far, I have not missed a day).

Recently, I found out some interesting news about the WordPress Mobile App; it was based on Automattic’s decision to remove the Jetpack service from the WordPress Mobile App at the end of this year (I said nothing to my readers about it because I did not want to spread any sort of panic to any of my fellow bloggers who use the WordPress Mobile App to blog).

Oh yes, that was also on my mind and I cannot keep it in any longer; so, I might as well tell you about it.

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5 Crazy Things That Linux Users Do

The majority of Linux users have done their fair share of crazy things.

Now, why would those highly intelligent people do crazy things?

Well, they are either outright crazy or they experienced a temporary lapse in their judgment.

Some of those people who use Microsoft Windows, macOS and ChromeOS are probably laughing and thinking to themselves, “I am not surprised at all. Linux users are crazy; they are crazy for using Linux.”

To be fair, crazy people also use Microsoft Windows, macOS and ChromeOS (So, where mental health is concerned they are just as crazy as us Linux users).

Anyway, it is time for me to discuss some of the crazy things that Linux users do.

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