Is There An Influence Behind Music?

Hello there and Welcome back!

Actually, I’m a new guest blogger and it’s a real honour to be a part of Renard’s team, and also in front of his special audience 🙂

My name is Charles Cudjoe Jnr, and I mostly blog about things concerning Society and Culture, as it is a topic I have a deep interest in.

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7 Things That New Bloggers Should Take Into Consideration

Most of the new bloggers (especially those who have chosen the personal blogging route), will make a handful of mistakes.

And, why is it that most of the new bloggers will find themselves making a handful of mistakes?

They end up making a handful of mistakes because they are clueless about blogging.

The truth is that it takes time to develop oneself into a skillful blogger.

Also, one will pick up bits and pieces about blogging as time goes along.

Today, I would like to expedite their learning process by letting them know about some of the things that they failed to take into consideration.

So, without ado, it is time to submerge ourselves deeply into the topic.

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