The Real Truth About Blogging


The blogosphere is filled with more than five hundred million blogs.

What does that mean for an aspiring blogger?

It means, that an aspiring blogger will need to find effective methods of getting their blog seen by the masses.

And, since there are countless blog posts published on a daily basis on the world wide web, bloggers will need to stand out (The blogosphere is heavily saturated with blog posts).

Luckily, there is hope for each blogger and they would be provided with a fair advantage if they learned the real truth about blogging.

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WordPress Reader — The Double-Edged Sword


In the past, I used to believe that the WordPress Reader was the best feature that was ever created by WordPress.

Today, I am having second thoughts about it.

The WordPress Reader is like a double-edged sword — a feature that fills me with both joy and agony.

Did naughty gremlins from the underworld infest the WordPress Reader?

Or did the cyber-gangsters decide to make the viewing of the WordPress Reader a living hell?

You may have sensed that something is a bit off with the WordPress Reader (Now, before I get myself into some serious trouble with WordPress’s engineering staff, I would like to point out, that the WordPress Reader also has positive attributes and that the WordPress Reader is in no way an absolute failure).

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